Care to help me?



I want to experiment with Abel and well, I guess I should play some of his worst match-ups. I’ve never fought a actual textbook Chun-Li match-up. So if you’re looking to help train a Bad Abel out of the Goodness of your heart, add me on XBL, and destroy me so I can get better.


lol should have put this in the general discussion thread… I’d play ya but I’m in the UK so lag would most likely kill the game, shame cos I like the annoying Abel fight…


I highly doubt Mark is as bad as he says – probably just being modest.


I’ve never finished a Championship in G2…

Also I main Guile, so me with Able = Never able to beat a someone Semi-Decent (Better then Spamming the same shit over and over again, but Capable with Decent Mix-ups)