Carl=Clover Clap Trap Info


For those who are lost and or wondering…

video: [media=youtube]kKhhM-57PU8[/media]


Props to Kyle. Most info is on DL but might be here from time to time to answer questions.


I’ve been caught in something similar to this. Proves Carl does have a lot of combo opportunities.


Well, it proves he’s broken, that is for sure. I don’t know about having lots of combo opportunities… :lol:


come now, teching throws in BB is really easy, it just won’t work


huh? u cant tech this. unless u wanna get reset.


Until you get hit by aerial unblockable 8D, that is.


or your hakumen. jD ftw

was playing earlier today and a carl actually had me in the loop, which i was able to tech out of using the jD.


Haku can get out anytime with j.D
Rachel can as long as she has 1 wind stock.
Ragna if he has 50% heat.
Carl if nirvana can take the hit for him.
Everyone else…death lol.


He may be technically broken, but he’s probably the most justifiably broken character in the history of fighters.


Were you playing against xCammy? I think that was me. First Hakumen I’ve faced that was smart enough to counter out of it :wonder:


I honestly don’t remember.
It was on XBL 3 very nice rounds but in the end the Carl won.
I think it was between 1PM and 2PM EST.

EDIT:just checked my recent players and xcammy isn’t listed so no it wasn’t you.


Ragna can do what if he has 50% Heat? Last I check’d, he didn’t have an air super.


lol :cybot:


Inferno Divider + Rapid Cancel


So Inferno Divider is hitting Nirvana and the RC is so Carl can’t capitalize on what is really a whiffed DP?




I’d hardly call someone broken if you have to work pretty hard with a normally lower-tier character to do an unblockable. Broken to me = ST Akuma or someone crazy easy good. Good call on the notation though, I’ve been having some trouble with this.


Carl isn’t really broken, but he’s pretty god damn strong. I can’t count on how many times mynus got double perfects on me.:sweat:


With Carl, perfects seem to happen a LOT. Either way, really.

I’ll play a good Litchi, get perfected cuz I jacked up my approaches, and then perfect her right back because she made one mistake.