|| Carl Clover || - Robotic Nee-san!

This character is so fresh and so clean.

Discuss matchups, combos, general.

Also: Read this guide -


Fixed for ya :tup:

Some how I overlooked that SRK had a BlazBlue thread =P

I made the mistake of using Ryu in SF4. Boring and really high tier.

Going to main Carl and stick it through the thick and thin.

Edit: Fuck that. No more Carl, not my play style.

crappy guy

None of this in this thread! :nono:

I got to play some of this today, and I will say getting used to the negative edging for Carl is awkward at first, but I’m really liking this character’s potential. I was having problems controlling Nirvana as far as movement goes, it takes a little getting used to.

Also Jin ate up Nirvana for me, I’m having trouble keeping her alive around him.

Look on youtube for blazblue videos featuring Dio. He will change your mind. :karate:

oh he definately has potential. i played around with him and accidently did some stuff that would be really good after some hours in the training mode. i call the robot crappy guy.

Is that what you guys called him in the ranbats?

There’s a pretty good Carl player over at FFA and I’ll note a couple of things for those of you who want to man Carl but haven’t played yet.

This seems obvious but get your opponent inbetween Carl and Nirvana. If you keep Nirvana behind them they can’t damage her, and this also helps get her off-screen. You can’t pass through Nirvana like you can with Eddie’s summon or Zappa’s dog so this forces them to jump over her if they’re tring to backup. Luckily for you Carl is quite fast so rush in and get a throw if you can, or predict it and get Nirvana to Clap/throw air spikes at the right time.

I always get kind of nervous when I know Nirvana is off-screen behind me because her “arm-drill poke thingy” has HUGE range. If you hit a player with this it does enough hits so that you can easily run in and combo off of it. Because of this I tend to play it safe and block when I think he’s going to try and poke with Nirvana off screen, but this opens up possibilites for the Carl to tic throw…

If you’ve got your opponent cornered and Nirvana’s with you it’s only a matter of time before the player tries to get out of the corner by IAD or SJ air dash, predict this and get nirvana to use her air spikes or clap.

Carl doesn’t do a whole lot of damage compared to other players, but he has a lot moves at his disposal. I look forward to playing some of you, going against carl is always a fun matchup.

just me and one other guy

Lol, that would be me. It was just casuals though.

But seriously, I hope those of you who stick it out with this tough character will get the props you deserve instead of having to listen to people whine about clap loops. :tup:

videos in that thread dont work

nirvana has a 360 throw use carls low stun move that has monster range with it the 360 trhow then get ready to combo off it also be ready to use nirvana for a lot of preplanned mid combo attacks after the throw use the up clap i think itll combo if u hit your opponent with jabs midair to keep them in the air to be hit with nirvanas clap or extend fingers attack
edit my buddy downlaoded the game on a leak and we hacked his 360 so we could play it early:] the hack only took like 4 min then it was blazblue for a good 2 weeks before most others in the states hahahahah

OMG u r so cool!!!

the throw is not a 360. its hcb or 63214 D

So what is the most efficent way of setting up Carl’s claptrap? Haven’t tried it online due to the difficulty of hitting it.

Thank you for anyone who answers this question.

Street fighter IV is the first fighting game that I have taken seriously, and it was pretty much the only game I played since the day it came out, so around 4 months. I have heard that playing Carl effectively requires deep knowledge of spacing, priority, and other fighting game mechanics as well as incredible execution. With that being said, as a general newbie to fighting games, is it possible to main Carl and use him somewhat decently?

If you have the determination, anything is possible. It will require a LOT of knowledge with his unblockables, loops, and basically everything else Carl has to play him decently.

Also, you’ll get mad props for using a character who is hard to use and that basically no one plays as.