Carnage Cosmic! The Heroes and Heralds Thread

With the addition of the new mode and all it offers it almost seems like a new game. So use this thread as the go to thread to talk about all things H&H. I’ll look up everything it offers to add more detail to this post for those not keeping up with it.

I still don’t have the black panther card…

I just stumbled across it while playing Herald Spidey. It’s the truth though :rofl:

what’s the effect?

Speed up and double jump if primary. Speed up if secondary.

Doesn’t sound like much but a few things I’m noticing with extra jump cards is, if you get hit by a move that floats you afterwards you can double jump out of it. As for the speed up, it shows that the hit stun is very timing based as it is move based so it opens up lot’s of combos for Spidey. For example the web swing into double web throw combo that I posted for ya turns into a web swing triple web throw combo but solo Spidey can’t connect Maximum Spider off of it. Since it ends in web throw though, I can tag into Storm or Dorm and get Hailstorm or Purification xx Chaotic Flame respectively and get over 930K. It’s the one card I’ve came across that makes me mad at Spiderman :lol:

Oh, so can I use Wasp similarly?

I just thought adding airdash card was funny, because it usually comes with a second jump/airdash, and it adds backwards airdash, so you can airdash back and then forwards for lols

Oh you can air dash backwards with that card? I didnt think it affected people with an air dash already (my entire team) so I didn’t bother with it. You can do double jump combos etc but the reason the Black Panther card is strong for Spidey is because of the speed up.

Speed up on Spidey is a mixed bag though since it makes combos so easy to drop :\

Although the other day I was using Sabertooth (speed + regen), Gene (free snapbacks), and Demitri (invisible after snap backs)
With Spidey flying around at super speed, I had no trouble landing hits, which always turned into snapbacks. I was invisible constantly. Pretty hilarious.

I’ve been interested in seeing what new things he can do with a jump cancel card and a “new moves available in the air” card. Not practical since you’ll almost always be going up against people with unlimited X Factor or Hypers, but I just want to see how flashy he can get.

There’s an unlimited hypers card? AWESOME that makes the jump cancel card even better since it requires a bar every time you cancel a move. The speed up isn’t that bad just have to change stuff after the web swing into a 2 piece so j:h: j:s: is a lot easier than j:m: j:m: j:s: other than that all the combos are the same. As for unlimited X factor that’s pretty much what my deck is. Black Panther gives the speed boost, while Anti Venom gives strength boost every ten game seconds, or is it twenty? Either way it’s like a perma X Factor one.