Carnage -spiderman's worst nightmare

Hi to everyone here! i’ve seen quite afew artworks here and its really cool . Anyway i’ve done a picture of the character called Carnage and colored it too. I adore tis character ever since i started learning how to draw haha ,he’s jus so wicked!
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Nice stuff! Your Carnage kicks ass. You got a scan of it before you colored it?

Can’t wait to see more!

i like it but don’t liek the texture…i thought mary jane haveing pms was peters worst nightmare.

Thanks man! Yeah scan it before i colored it.
You’ll see more soon but i guess i’ll post a sketch or somting,
coz adding colors for the Carnage wan is really time consuming hehehe. :slight_smile:

Glad u guys like it , i thought of doing “Evil Ryu” :evil: or maybe someone’s fav character? I would love to hear from you guys feed-back.
HAAHA! yeah i guess so too, but its kindof hard to do mary jane’s having pms haha.:lol:


Just an update on spidey black & white

Click on the link to see him in colors :slight_smile:

I love it! Your art is gorgeously dynamic! But yeah, as maxx said, the texture on carnage is not very attractive. The Spiderman is perfect.

That’s a sweetass spiderman but in the coloured version he looks kinda flat because there’s no variation in tone over his body. This makes it seem alot less dynamic. Darken up that arm thats coming forward and maybe lighten up some of the areas in the back and it’ll really look like he’s jumpin off the page.

Huh? no variation of tone? There’s just as much as in the sketch. I don’t get it, DerangedZombie. I don’t get it at all.

Oh, and he’s standing on the wall, he ain’t jumping out of no page.

Oh, yah he is on a wall I didn’t notice that, but still there’s no difference in tone between his arm in the foreground and the leg it’s infront of. I think his arm should be shaded with bolder colours so it comes forward more and stands out in comparison to the rest of his body.

I think Scabrous updated his gallery recently because I don’t remember the Spiderman looking as it looks today and it seems like the lightspots on the close are definitly bigger than those on what’s behind it.


Brain Digger & DerangedZombie thanks u guys :slight_smile:

Oh abt the Carnage? yeah im ashame of e texture too haha cos i guess i sketch only him but i didnt do e texture, so watsmore during tat time i dun hve a stylus or graphire pen so only choice was the Filter! haha anyway i’ll probably do another one soon then.

Regarding abt Spidey’s Right arm or front arm? yeah wat Derangedzombie mention abt was rite which i notice it while painting it but didnt take it so seriously but anyhow i did sum changes so ya :slight_smile:

Hey u guys are good observers huh tats cool. adios!