Carnevil's Money Matches!

Since so many people want to play me for money at Evo (hopefully I can go :(), I decided to make a thread. Right now, here’s who wants to play me, and for how much:

Rio: 2/3 $10
Charlie Goblyn: 2/3 $10
Big Dave: 2/3 $25
skisonic: 2/3 $10
shinobi00: 2/3 $10
-=Infinite=-: 2/3 $10
digital fox: ?/? $20
MegamanDS: 2/3 $5
Hydro: 2/3 $10
KaiSing: 2/3 $10, Team Shoto
Brood: 2/3 $10
Simon: First to 5, $5

Who else wants to play me?

can i??

How’s 2/3 $10 sound?

thats kool with me or 25??

I’m more comfortable with $10 :stuck_out_tongue:


<------ Marvel Pad Skills

Carnevil: play me for 100…

Go to hell, Justus :lol:

okay, play my buddy potter for 200. or don’t show up mcfattie

What the fuck is your problem? I don’t appreciate being called fat.


Added a match… Joe Ellis wants to play me.


hey this is bill

lets play for 20 carneveileileile


ill give a shot, but im poor so

2/3 for $5?

Okay, sounds good to me.

Bill: You’re out of my league and you know it. Stop trying to take my money :frowning:

5/9 for $1 lol

Hmm… The most I’ll play you for is $5 and that’s if I go to Evo. :rolleyes:

fair enough =/

2/3 for $10 remember thats what you told me Im just holdin you 2 it:evil: