*** Carolina Games Summit *** - Goldsboro, NC - 2/7/2009

WHEN? Carolina Games Summit will be held Saturday February 7th 2009 10AM ? 9PM

WHERE? Wayne Community College in Goldsboro, NC.

WHAT? This year?s hybrid festival will again deliver industry speakers, video game tournaments, product promotions, exhibition booths, and educational sessions. Experience the latest games before they are released and compete against gamers from all over the country. Enjoy all your favorite platforms including arcade, computer, and console games with both tournament and free play options available. Between competitions speak with numerous game developers who will be exhibiting or speaking in live sessions throughout the day.

Visit www.CarolinaGamesSummit.com/tournaments.php for more information and to register online!

General Admission is just $10.00 and this covers one official tournament plus all the freeplay, speakers, exhibits, and special sessions you can handle.

We hope to announce our tournament list by December 15th and also enable the online tournament reservation system at that time.

Feel free to purchase tickets now and be the first to register for tournaments as they get locked in!

Tournament Rules Are Available in the Tournament Info Forum on our website. Please leave comments there if you have further questions.

Initial Press Release Announcing Insomiac and Media Sunshine Keynotes:


Tournament Registration for all the fighters and most of the other games is now online:


You can sign up for up to 4 of the 2D fighters or just one of the 3D fighters. Once you are on site however if there are open spots and the Tournament Directors feel you can fit it in you should be able to sign up for additional tournaments.

The cost of the event is just $10! If you have any suggestions please feel free to let me know. We are still working hard to improve our event!

the 2d fighter rules are simple… register at least 15min before the tournament starts… please be in the room 5 min before the tournament starts…

Street Fighter third strike Gill is not allowed in play

Guilty Gear AC No Loop Combos are Permitted
Dark/Gold Characters are banned

the rest of the games have no added rules…

an evil ryu based team in cvs2 better win this thing.

good ol’ copy and paste error, any moderator that can fix it please do! :slight_smile:

This rule alone will keep every person on this forum from coming to this event. Let alone the horrible tournaments that have been run in the past here.

Agreed. That rule is completely unecessary. The game has “Bursts” which allows the opponent to escape from combos. Combos are a staple of all fightings. GG does not have any air combo infinites. Not only that but its has a way to get out of the combos. Where as Marvel vs. Capcom 2 which has a countless number of aerial infinites but yet this rule doesn’t apply to it (which it shouldn’t anyway).

I’m asking kindly that this rule be taken out (this is the first tourney that has ever made this rule). Unless this is a joke.

lol. i didnt even catch that. im not sure if i can make it. i may have yoga classes that day. dhalsim is a hard teacher to get to mentor you these days. i wouldnt want to miss out on all his knowledge.

also keep the gg rule. as a gg top player and #1 advocater of this game i believe it to be a great rule. but make it 5 hit max. and i will be there.

20089 here i come!!!

your lucky reptile has the hardest hitting 5 hit combos in the game:rolleyes: i would play it if they banned his broke ass

I have passed this info on to the Tournament Director.

We posted the rules here first simply because we would love some suggestions on what would make the people on this forum happy.

Keep in mind however that these tournaments max out almost every year so we have to take into consideration all our 1,250+ participants.

You can do an in air infinite combo in GG AC; a group of guys show up
every year using the same character to keep their opponent in the air
the entire match. Without the counter that was in GG PSX and GGX for
DC. the game gets frustrating for the other players. I understand
that if your skilled enough to pull of the combos then why not… but
without the old counter system the game used to have… their is no
balance of power. and as for MvsC2 their are only a few
characters that can pull infinite in air combos and I have yet to
see someone skilled enough to keep it up… and the characters that do
pull the infinite combos dont do enough damage. and if your talking
about them performing a special while in air to prolong the combo
that is totally different case. The game was made to do that…
Guilty Gear XX and above are using the same style and character stats
as the older versions but they removed certain things such as the air
counter system. Just like the first GGXX on PS2 I would put a combo
limit on Millia, because they disabled her combo limit for her 1
attack. They then put the limiter back on it. if you have played
against someone with her u learn real quick a 30+ hit in a corner
with 1 simple attack is BS.

Side Note: If you are good enough to pull off the combos in the first place. Then you are good enough to repeat the process.

No you cannot.

End of story.

I have never LOL’d this much at one thread in my life :lol:

Nothin about this post is true. Not one single thing. You are really shining a bad light on fighting games altogether by doing this, and guaranteeing that your attendance will be even lower than before.

As long as I can use Algol, Yoda, and Vader in SC4. . it’s all good.

OK…do you care to provide me some video proof of an infinite…oh and make sure that’s it’s a true infinite…and while you’re at it…make sure it’s in an actual match.

Burst eliminates any and all combos thereby making nothing an infinite. I think I’m going to copy paste this over to dustloop because this thread is hilarious.

my Def of a infinit for a tournament is you keeping them in the air till they are Dead… and yes you can do it.

Seriously, I think he has a point. He says you can do it so we should all take his word for it. :confused:

Hahaha, what can you say to that? It’s like those Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck scenes.

You can do infinites!
No you can’t.
Yes you can!
No you can’t.

Edit: It’s kinda disapointing though. The people with all the money and sponsership could really make something of the NC fighting game scene. But I guess the people in charge are only interested in money.