Carolina Impact Battle 3 Results 2/7

Soul Calibur 2

  1. RTD (ATL)
  2. Shadow G (ATL)
  3. Jackie Tran (ATL)
  4. Longshot (Raleigh, NC)
  7. TYM (ATL)
  8. Ross (ATL)
  9. Zac (ATL)
  10. xSamuraix (Raleigh, NC)
  11. Jinmaster (VA)
  12. Naomi (VA)
  13. King Lo (W-S, NC)
  14. Acid (ATL)
  15. Ceron (NC/FL)
  16. JT $ (TN)
  17. DaBastard (W-S, NC)
  18. IceNinja (Durham, NC)
  19. Chet (GSO, NC)
  20. Jio (TN)
  21. ChampD1012 ( A&T)
  22. Smeesh (Chapel Hill, NC)
  23. Exodus (Durham, NC)
  24. Bobby Conact (TN)
  25. EJ (ATL)
  26. Bobby Williams (A&T)
  27. Blackstar (VA)
  28. Drizzy (A&T)
  29. Exide (TN)
  30. Xer ( VA)
  31. Oldschool (TN)
  32. Derrick Harrison (A&T)
  33. The Bear (GSO, NC)
  34. Syco (Asheboro, NC)
  35. Slim ( GSO, NC)
  36. Wondergirl (FL)
  37. Goki (A&T)
  38. King Kaza (SC)

38 Entrants

Tekken 4

  1. Jackie Tran (ATL)
  2. Jinmaster (VA)
  3. RTD (ATL)
  4. WayGamble (SC)
  5. StridaJin (Wilmington, NC)
  6. Victory Blows (Raleigh, NC)
  7. Yoshiflash (W-S, NC)
  8. King Kaza (SC)
  9. Raiden (W-S, NC)
  10. PanzerIVD (HP, NC)
  11. The Bear (GSO, NC)
  12. Drunken Dragon (Raleigh, NC)

22 Entrants

Tekken Tag Tournament

  1. Jackie Tran (ATL)
  2. Jinmaster (VA)
  3. RTD (ATL)
  4. Exodus(Durham, NC)
  5. SniperJin (Charlotte, NC)
  6. IceNinja (Durham, NC)
  7. WayGamble (SC)
  8. PanzerIVD (HP, NC)
  9. DaBastard (W-S, NC)
  10. EJ (ATL)
  11. StridaJin (Wilmington, NC)
  12. Victory Blows (Raleigh, NC)

25 Entrants

Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution

  1. Srider (TN)
  2. Flood (TN)
  3. Drift++ (Cary, NC)
  4. Caveman (Cary, NC)
  5. Bu_Jassoom (Charlotte, NC)
  6. Fireballtrap (VA)
  7. Longshot (Raleigh, NC)
  8. The Bear (GSO, NC)

8 Entrants

Guilty Gear XX

  1. Beast of Fire (Durham, NC)
  2. Fireballtrap (VA)
  3. Robocurse (Cary, NC)
  4. Iceninja (Durham, NC)
  5. Jio (TN)
  6. C aveman (Cary, NC)
  7. Exodus (Durham, NC)
  8. The Bear (GSO, NC)
  9. ChampD1012 (A&T)
  10. Twin (Candor, NC)
  11. Ryucross (GSO, NC)
  12. Longshot (Raleigh, NC)
  13. Bobby Williams (A&T)
  14. Taijutsu (Durham, NC)

14 Entrants

Street Fighter III : 3rd Strike

  1. Taijutsu (Charlotte, NC)
  2. CapcomCriminal (Charlotte, NC)
  3. Loborine (Hickory, NC)
  4. Iceninja (Durham, NC)
  5. Brandon S. (Charlotte, NC)
  6. Alex (W-S, NC)
  7. Pete H(?)
  8. Tuck (CH, NC)
  9. BuckJones (Durham , NC)
  10. Exodus (Durham, NC)
  11. Loki (Carrboro, NC)
  12. Ry-Ry (Candor, NC)
  13. Goki (A&T)
  14. Young Chris (A&T)

14 Entrants

Marvel vs. Capcom 2

  1. Deebo (Charlotte, NC)
  2. Shaun Banks (Charlotte)
  3. Iceninja (Durham)
  4. Brandon (Charlotte)
  5. Loborine (Hickory, NC)
  6. BuckJones (Durham)
  7. Jelliousy (A&T)
  8. Daniel Ferguson (A&T)

8 Entrants

Capcom vs. SNK 2

  1. Jimmy G
  2. Iceninja (Durham, NC)
  3. Exodus (Durham, NC)
  4. Loborine (Hickory, NC)
  5. Lu (GSO, NC)
  6. CapcomCriminal (Charlotte, NC)
  7. Peter H (W-S, NC)
  8. Joe M. (W-S, NC)
  9. ocelot_357 (GSO, NC)
  10. Brandon (Charlotte)
  11. DaBastard (W-S, NC)
  12. Daniel F. (A&T)

12 Entrants

Super Turbo

  1. Loborine (Hickory, NC)
  2. Lu( A&T)
  3. Young Chris (A&T)

6 Entrants

Thanks for everybody coming!!

im a scrub.

caveman’s ino is TIGHT!

good ish robo.

john is cheap.:smiley:

blake has a good sol.

Notes on GGXX: I NEVER LOST!!! lol

I put both Beast of Fire and Robocurse in the loser’s bracket, meaning i made it to the grand finals UNDEFEATED. But i had to leave because of time constraints…so i took 2nd place money and let the others fend for first and third.

Good work Blake:D .

Had a good time, thanks to all. Nice to see such a diverse conglomeration of gamers… :cool:

Congrats to all the winners & such… until next time…

6 or 7 hours for a mere 12-man CvS2 tournament = unreal

3 TV minimum for that game from now on. w0rd.

How did all the Charlotte Marvel players get so amazing with a pad? :confused::eek::confused:

I was horrible…

…but hey…

It was my first tourny; at least I know what to look forward to…I just wish I wasn’t so nervous and fumbling while I was playing! :frowning:

Oh well…til’ next time…I’ll put up a better show…:evil:

This was my very first tourney and I enjoyed it. Learned much through it :slight_smile: Good times.

Jimmy G 1st in CvS2?? Who is that?

hey wat happend to the rest of the cvs2 placements. i wanna know were i stand even tho i only beat one person lol. the first round i ended up playing jimmy fucking g.:bluu: dude played on pad and won the tourny.:bluu: …stupid…friggin…roll canceling…on pad!!!:fury:

Yeah i had alot of fun too …in 3rd strike … but i did really bad in GGXX lol … anyways it was fun meeting new ppl there … and thanks all for everything =)

John, you’re so gay. Yeah, you were undefeated, but you forgot to mention how deathly close your matches with me and RoboCurse were. We both had you by the balls, boyo. :stuck_out_tongue: :lol:

Nah man, you’re good. Beastly Slayer, a little rough but good shit (POKE MORE, BITCH). And don’t play Sol around me again, or I’ll be forced to execute you. :lol:

Too bad Charles had to fight Dale in losers, that dirty slut I-no of his is too good. Keep up the good work, buddy. :smiley:

jio has the mad pimp Johnny! Coin that shit down! :smiley:

I kinda wish there were more out-of-staters there, all but one of my matches were against familiar faces. The casual was good shit, and I wish we’d been able to tape those matches. Ah well, next time I guess.

Wait a sec…who choked?:stuck_out_tongue: It’s a tourney situation, that’s just how it goes. I repeat…UNDEFEATED.:lol:

But seriously, good shit guys, i had alot of fun at this one.

LOL about the Sol tho…i really need a serious 2nd character…

And you are welcome for the free money.:cool:

yea good games but damn i wished there would be more people.
that or a bigger pot. and next time they should put all the finals in the auditorium. or that room with the projection screen.

next time more peps in turbo

just my suggestions.:smiley:

Waitwaitwait, choked? Yeah right pal, the only choking will be me throttling you next time we meet. Shoulda picked Sol on you that last match. :stuck_out_tongue:

And yeah, thanks for the 49 bucks, gonna get me some Zero Mission on Tuesday. :cool:

Well, speaking for 2D at least (since I know squat about the regional 3D scene)… those numbers are actually about right.

People are only going to drive so far if the turnout isn’t projected to be that high (who exactly were you expecting to see, Blake? :lol: ), and a lot of people just flat out won’t do console (no matter how close the event is).

You could try making the entry fee higher for other games if you wanted, but I’m afraid all that would really do is end up basically kinda freezing out the campus players. Which would be messed up IMO. The low entry fee is part of the appeal (at least for me), and don’t forget there’s already a $5 cover…

champ I had fun this tournament it was a sweet layout

That last match vs fireballtrap couldnt have been more close. Thanks for comin all the way out to NC again

jio, nice johnny work, thanks for comin all the way to nc again

bof, well shit man you got me again, but at least im finally starting to learn eh? good shit

caveman, the scariest ino in US folks, you heard it here first

big ups to all that won, ATL and my SC2 bros

good seein ya rod, we’ll have to chill again sometime

hopefully next time more people will enter and make sure i dont get that far again! :smiley:

no d0ubt… good to see you too, Dale.

yea can ya please enter the rest of cvs2

It’s kinda hard to stutter on the internet…:cool:

Yeah, you should have picked Sol atleast once, I was kinda expecting that.

And I hate you…i need to get Zero Mission with 2nd place moneys…:frowning:

Dang! I wish I could have come. Sounded like it would have been fun.

As for Jimmy G., if its who I think it is then I’ll be seeing him at animazement this year :smiley: Congrats man.

I guess im who you think i am Doom cause ill be there.I thought youd be at this tourney…if this is Eric. It was a bit on the light side for the 2d but fun. And the Southtown guy…good matches…shoulda used em against me in the tourney instead the heavy hitters…hehe…i tink your bro scares ya into not usin em :).
You guys should come to animazement in May…i think its may…its alot of fun…crappy prizes but free and a good time.