Carpal tunnel with stick

Hey, not really a newbie question but I wasn’t sure where else to put it.

I just came back to fighters with the release of MvC3, and my carpal is really flaring up using the stick. This never used to be a problem for me. It’s my button hand giving me trouble, feels like my wrist is being strained. Tried all sorts of positions and nothing feels comfortable. Does anyone else have this issue while playing and can give me some recommendations? I really really do not want to switch to pad; contemplating building a custom stick with the buttons laid out vertically on the side.

It might be different for some people. The first Japanese-style stick i used was the Hori EX2. It gave my wrist a really painful feeling. It went away after a couple of days of use though, and I never felt any pain from using a stick again.

I personally have not had/heard of this problem. How about doing some hand/wrist exercises/stretches before/after playing?

I have the same issue, with the button hand only. I have been thinking about it and discussing it with other players for almost 2 years now. What I found is that it puts stress my hand and wrist and I feel Carpal happening when my wrist is bent up.

Like, hold your arm straight out and pull your hand back from your finger so that your finger are facing you. basically like you are stiff arming someone.

Now, using the stick makes me put my arm in this position to hit the buttons. What I found that actually made it go away was to play with the stick lower so it forced my wrist to stay straight.

Another thing, which is a mod I plan on doing for my stick was elevating the back two feet of the stick by say an inch or two. This also straightened my wrist and made the pain go away.

Makes sense. The curving button layout of Jap sticks (Hori’s) is supposed to be more ergonomic but even then, its not very friendly for someone with carpal tunnel problems. Definitely make sure your wrists are straight.

Proper Keyboarding Posture

pretty much the same rules apply