Carpal Tunnel?


Has anybody had experience with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome before? I started getting a feeling of numbness in my fingers after a week of playing Persona Arena on a PS3 pad and it’s never stopped since. I have my wrists in splints at all times and I’m taking paracetamol, but I’ve seen next to no improvement over the last three weeks or so.


how old are you?


Carpal tunnel seems to be pretty common. When I game on my laptop for any length of time, my left hand may start to get a tingling/numb sensation. Doesn’t happen that often though.

It only gets bad when your hands or fingers are locked in a position for a really long time. You might need to loosen your grip on that controller. :slight_smile:


Start lifting weights. Your body releases anti-inflammatory agents when your bones experience stress. Start picking large object with a wide grip to strengthen your wrists. Also, acupuncture helps.


The absolute last thing you want to do is anything in this post. Talk to a doctor.


“Doc I’ve developed carpel tunnel from excessive gaming, so I’ve embarked on a strict regime of weight lifting”

Doc - facepalm

@ OP, lol @ persona arena excuse. No more fapping for you!


I think I just saw someone respond to the OP in the manner of “Numbness in your hand? Lift heavy object with it.”


22, played guitar for six years and type a tonne

In the last few years since switching to xbox I’ve found the PS controllers too skinny for my hands (6" master race). I’ll swear off PS controllers in the future for FG’s for sure, I play stick back home anyways.

While I see the logic behind lifting weights, I’m staying away from any heavy lifting for the time being

I have spoken to a doctor and have two splints on at all times, but I’m gonna wait until I’m back within reach of my homeland’s glorious socialist healthcare system so I don’t get charged any more money for dumb shit


Because stick players like Yipes and Floe are clearly into weight-lifting.


I know ill end up with carpal tunnel sooner or later. My 55 year old dad has signs of it developing already, and my family before him has a history of it as well. I dont get the numbness yet (19 btw) but i do get mad pains in my knuckles after PC gaming or playing FG’s on stick. Actually the other day my left hand did get a bit of numbness, which was odd to me because thats the hand i do motions with, not the one that hits buttons.


Well, for one, if you haven’t already, stop playing. Stop typing, stop playing guitar, stop doing anything that involves that sort of repetitive motion.

Vitamin B is good for joints and that sort of thing, so getting a B supplement might help a bit. Soaking your forearms in ice water for 20 minutes is also a good way to bring down the pain.


Hush, common sense and logic has no place here.

Sore knuckles? Time to take up shaolin iron fist training.


My hands always end up hurting when I go OCD and practice combos for a brand new character for hours on release day, but that’s only in the first day or two. The pain goes away after a good night’s sleep while the muscle memory stays. I think my problem is that I put way too much effort into doing motions that I’m not used to yet. Once I get used to it then I don’t press the buttons as hard so my hands don’t hurt anymore.


“Playing Personal Arena” is a crafty euphemism for playing with your personal area.

A euphemism, itself.


Has physical pain, asks the internet what to do…-.-


Kinda curious, how’s your grip strength? Perhaps, it’s not wise to suddenly adopt a balls to the walls, Bulgarian style lifting routine BUT any systemic improvement you do towards yourself will inadvertently affect your wrist as well. If you have a sedentary lifestyle, you will suffer from other degenerative disease. In Chinese medicine, one key concept is blood flow amongst other things. Take care of the circulation in your body as well as your postural stance. Best bang for your buck would be HIIT, hill sprints, and swimming. Since you probably can’t push/pull that much, you can start front squatting and work on abs. Subjugating your body to physical stress (as in force over an area), your body will react to that stimulus by developing denser bones as well as thicker and harder tendons and ligaments.
Moreover, eat more nutrients-densed food. If you want to eat cheeseburgers, eat burgers that are made from actual meat, not recycled cartilage and scraps.

Paul Chek’s work is very good work to reference. He has published a variety of books. I would also not recommend taking anti-inflammatory pills/shots or cortisol shots, and etc… which brings me to my next point:
None of this is medical advice, go see a doctor blahblahbalhablahbalha

But in all seriousness, this is advice from someone who’s trying to help you.
Your body isn’t meant to be stagnant. Stop eating recycled dung for food.


It’s not so much pain but a feeling of numbness and tingling in my fingers, and yes I’m familiar with the ‘newness’ pain you get from doing odd things - I hurt my hands trying to learn Vega’s charge motions way back in 09.

All I’m saying is you should consult a qualified professional before indulging in anime

I’ve been diagnosed and given treatment for my symptoms, I wanted to know if anybody on here had suffered in a similar fashion and how them themselves dealt with it

Writing and typing are the only thing I’m still doing mostly out of necessity (I don’t have a console just now). I had blood tests because of a feeling of numbness in other parts of my body and they found I was actually deficient in B12 and D.

My main worry is when I get back home I’m not gonna be able to continue playing FG’s seriously, really.


FG-related, you could try different controllers maybe? Perhaps a pad if you’re using stick and vice-versa.

Don’t do acupuncture. It is 100% Grade A bullshit and has helped for fuck all in the history of nothing.


Look up stretches for your wrist/forearm. Ice it for 15 minutes every 2 hours or so, stretch, heat it with a tendonitis based oil, rinse repeat.

I didn’t get carpal tunnel but I’ve have tendonitis on my elbow and wrist. It’s largely inflammation, you can take an anti-inflammatory to ease the pain as well such as Advil.


As I said I won’t be using PS3 pads in the future, they’re too small for my hands and I hold them too tightly.

Acupuncture is something I’ve heard has helped a lot of people and I’m pretty sure the NHS cover it in the UK, so I might well look into it and report back.