Carpet Lint Appreciation Thread

Hey guys!

I am creating this thread for one of my favorite posters (and good friend) Carpet Lint. He is a regular on the boards. He has been having a really tough week and I was hoping we, as a community, could pull together and try to lift his spirits. Not many of you know, but he recently broke-up with his boyfriend of four (4) years. Well, his boyfriend broke up with him. Carpet Lint has been devastated with this news and has been pretty upset. He already has anger issues, but now that his boyfriend (Carpet Lint was the power-bottom of the relationship) has left him, he is really down in the dumps. We all know what it’s like to have a bad week and going through a rough period. So please, post on this thread and lift his spirits!! I’m sure he will appreciate all the love and kinds words. Think of it as your good deed for the week. I know I am going to post here everyday to support him.

Thanks guys!!


Wow Potter trying to bring this shit back to 2k1 SRK. Awaits Carpet Lints response.

Hey Clint, if I get my sister in law a jeremy lin jersey and then get myself a blue brett lawrie jersey does that make me a better person in your slanted eyes?

Because goddammit those new Jays jerseys are so smooth.

Oh nevermind, she was kidding, I still want a blue Lawrie jersey though.

I also wonder if Spartacus is huge in the gay community. The ripped dude/cock to breasts and vagina ration are way off.

I am digging blonde dumb lady and am enjoying the few looks at Xena titties though. She wants Crixcus’ baby so bad. But he was like “No, I need my power to fight”

I like that Carpet Lint is from London, but the Canadian one

and thats how I know he is asian.

I fucked an Asian girl who’s into baseball just for you.

Oh Robust = Potter?

No wonder he’s so angry at asians. Justin Wong has been taking his lunch money for years in marvel.

It won’t make you a better person but it would make you an honorary Asian-Canadian. If you also purchase a Bautista jersey it extends that title for another 38 months, plus you get a bottle of maple drink.

I as well appreciate Carpetu Rintu

He taught me that CLINT looks a lot like cunt.
I’m a better person because of it.

Also, what is a power bottom? Like, you make them give it to you in the ass?
And/or is it he has a powerful bottock vice grip that he uses to assert his dominance?
Maybe it involves some kind of inversion table?

Man, he just does not stop enriching my life.
I too, one day, hope to touch all of you like he has touched me.

I thought this was a post to appreciate the fuzzy stuff on rugs.

profound sadness.

Carpet Lint, I’m sorry about the loss of your boyfriend…

Better days await my man… just keep this song in mind whenever you’re down in the dumps…


Always remember that you are every woman and can get a better man… keep your spirits up yo…

Hey guys,

Thanks for all the love and support so far. There is an even bigger way that you can help out my boy Carpet Lint. As most of you may or may not know, he’s not very good at reading or writing. His comprehension is just putrid! So what a few of us are doing (from the NBA thread) are raising some money to send him to college. There are a lot of community colleges in the area, and let’s just be honest about it, the dude deserves it! He simply cannot go through life without knowing how to barely read and put together a sentence! Plus, the way I look at it, there are lot of boys at college. What better way to rebound and keep his mind off of Eric (his ex), than by hitting the books and hitting on boys! It’s the proverbial two birds with one stone. So keep posted to find out how to donate so that we can all send Carpet Lint to college!


Taking this a bit far aren’t we.


I just realized this thread is actually sarcastic

mods please remove the first and twelfth posts from this thread

I know Carpet Lint only as an online identity that, in a roundabout way, is responsible for me owning the only issue of Spawn that I have ever owned.

If only for the former, I’d feel fairly neutral about him. For the latter, I hate him and view him as a signpost in the decay of humanity.

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Carpet Lint for President!

oh wait he’s canuckian

Carpet Lint for Shut the Hell Up!

clint has given us enough gems to outshine any amount of spawn books he may have convinced you to buy (as long as it isn’t more than 1 book).

also, crab battle.

“Hey you are gaaaaaaay and have a booooooyfrieeeeeeend!” - that’s what you’re bringing? That can’t be it. Step yo hate up son. Carpet Lint? More like…uh…FAGGET LINT, AMIRITE!?!

See, there you go.

Are you mad at me about the Jeremy Lin thing? That slant-eyed seer balls so hard motherfuckers want to Linch him, I can’t control that, you know that. Is this about how I called you an uneducated porch monkey in the NBA thread? You know that came from a place of love though, you know I meant it in the nicest way possible. Or is this about how someone else always takes the nicer mop because you show up late to your job? You know that’s how the world works, that’s not on me. I bet that guy’s Asian though.

I don’t believe that you created a new thread just because you’re mad about that tic tac nonsense, that’s pretty petty stuff. I don’t think that’s honestly how you really feel.

So this has to be a real appreciation thread right? Honestly this has been a long time coming, SRK. Seriously, those issues of Spawn don’t just magically appear in your mailboxes unassisted. Also, I am not from London. Also, I have reported Grog’s post for hate mongering.

Come on SRK, let me have it, let me bathe in the glorious golden stream of your appreciation.

Carpet Lint is that you in your avatar? If not then why do you have one of French Stewart cosplaying Wimpy?

Keep your chin up, bro.

And your ass too–you’ll have another cock in there in no time!