Carrying case for SE stick?


I saw that the TE stick got an official EVO case, but what about the SE? I’d like a nice protective case for my modded SE after all the work I’ve put into it. Anyone find a good one yet?


I’d love to see a $800 metal lock case and he busts out his SE at evo lol.


My SE has all Sanwa buttons, a JLF with extra spring and modified actuator, works on 360/PS3/Wii, and has a project box port for any other systems. I’ll take it over a TE any day :slight_smile:


Damn, my TEs has all that too and detachable rj 45s for the older systems, plexi and art.
I’m just using a messenger bag though.


How did you install your project box port? I mounted a DB25 a/b switch into the stick, which works but makes it a rat’s nest.


My CPU is a neurel-net processor. A learning computah.


i use a modified nes pad, press once for punches, press twice for kicks.


foam comes seperately


What’s the mod called to make it work on all systems?


all systems? you mean seperate project boxes for each system? The only other thing i can think of is dual modding, which wouldn’t mean ALL systems.


You mean all current systems? I have it dual modded with an MC Cthulhu.


my stick can divide by zero
by zero
by zero
by zero
by zero
by zero
by zero
by zero
by zero
by zero
by zero


WTF is this thread about? OP derailed his own thread.


why not use the box it came in? its large, spacious and has the padding built specifically for it (and shipping/carrying it).

didn’t throw that away did you? :wink:

i use it to carry to and from my buddy’s place; this way the stick doesnt bend and stay locked in a position in a bag or backpack.


I still have the box, but I threw out the styrofoam inserts because the sound of styrofoam rubbing against things makes me want to stab my ears with pencils. I also don’t want to advertise that I’m carrying around an arcade stick.


people will stick you up for sticks now?? @_@


I think the perfect case would be one where your sticks rests vertically, not horizontally.



I just tape a plastic cup over my joystick, and wrap it up with a towel and put it in my backpack.