Cart Rolllin'

I know Good ol’ capt’n can’t keep up with these new chars. but i was wondering are there any start involving his cartwheel. I mean, sometime when I play the comp,i’ll attack and he’ll cartwheel to the other side, leaving me open and confused.

Throw out an assist and cartwheel to the other side. Sometimes I’d do an air combo, land, cartwheel and goof the other person up. Only works for a short bit tho and I think you can throw Cap out of it. Not sure about that tho.


what can capt. cart through?

Cart goes through everything but throws…

Anybody played CapAm with TBonne competitively? Between the double-jump and the cart roll, I’m beginning to think that might work out okay.

question: how do you combo in charging star? or any of his supers for that matter. k thx

the only thing i can come up with is guile sonic hurricane into final justice.

help thx

and also how do you do his triple jump ac? (wait does he have a triple jump or just a double? i forget)

You can easly combo the final justice by doing crouching lk., lk., Hp shield slash, Final Justice. Nice and damaging combo.

Combo the charging star wit’ a standing Hk then Charging Star, or if you have your victim in the corner you can do lk., lk., Hk, Hp shield slash, Charging star (I am sure).

The other super I don’t bother with… though there are some flashy ways of comboing it.

Capn’s supers are a bit tougher than usuall to combo but wit’ a little timing and practice you should be able to knock your enemies out quickly free of charge (well except against Stom, Doom and the rest of them headaches, you have play your best Capn’ against them):bluu:

can he cart through supers?