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I’m getting EVEN MORE excited for this. Even if it is Wii U exclusive.

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Edit: Hey guys feel free to inbox me if you need changes made to the OP as updates come up or whatever. I know how much SRK loves to break down games so as the time comes and you guys find hot videos demonstrating basic moves (like when the Metal Gear Rising demo dropped and everyone wanted to know how to dodge for instance) I can update the OP to make basic stuff easy to find.

Also since the old Bayonetta thread go closed Bayonetta 1 discussion is totally acceptable.

Super Bayonetta 2 Thread: Hyped Edition


Bayonetta 3 Coming Exclusively to Nintendo Switch
Bayonetta 3 Coming Exclusively to Nintendo Switch


Welp, there it goes, I would have to pass on Bayonetta then, because i simply don’t have any interest on getting a nintendo console.


I usually think this phrase is a bit juvenile but






Looks like I’m buying a Wii U sooner than later. Two games from Platinum on it already. Nintendo needs to fight the good fight and get me a Vanquish sequel. :frowning:


I don’t understand this choice at all.


The story was that Platinum was developing B2 but lacked of funds to make the sequel and was almost cancelled, thats where nintendo enters and gives them the money to continue their development, as a trade, Bayonetta 2 is exclusive to WiiU.

This is the 2nd PlatG game that is exclusive to a Nintendo console. (First was MadWorld, inb4 MadWorld 2, since Jack hasnt been done on MW1 and AR)


At least I know I’ve saved money, shame though. :frowning:


Double post?..



Nintendo publishing this basically means it’ll never be released in other consoles ever.

Fuck this day.


Fuck my life.


I don’t see how this is a bad thing at all.

I’m personally really looking forward to the WiiU


Couldn’t they still release another edition for other platforms down the line. Like what was done with No More Heroes?

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Well this game is dead, sorry guys this game will not sell on the Wii U.





A sad day for gamers everywhere.


Good for you but most of us probably don’t want to drop $300-$350 for this one game (I need to save up for the real next gen consoles). Not to mention that all the fans either have a PS3 or 360. God I hope it isn’t exclusive forever. GOD PLEASE GOD PLEASE.


The problem here is that it’s exclusive to a brand new console that never recieved the original game, completely separating the fanbase from the actual game.

Basically, Bayonetta fans either cough up or get the finger. Third party exclusives at this day and age are stupid.


This is sooooo great. I love this so much hahahahahahahaha at all you nintendo hating fools. Hahahahahahah