Case dimensions

New here (fire up the flamethrowers), starting to build my own fight stick but running into some issues.

I have my parts. Have my layout picked out. Xbox 360 controller all soldered up to a terminal. And ready to start building the case. Been lurking on these forums for while, and done some searching to see if there was any help on deciding total dimensions to no avail.

Planning on laser cutting my top out of sheet metal, probably a 1/4" to 1/2" thick. I have no point of judgement on total dimensions. Thinking maybe 12" x 10"? not too sure how large to make the case, any suggestions?

[]What type of parts do you want to use? Japanese parts can fit in much shallower cases than western Suzo-Happ/IL parts.
]I’d give you the external measurements of the joystick cases I have if I had a tape measure so you could get a sense of what to expect but unfortunately, I don’t know where it is at the moment.
[]Slagcoin is very useful. Here’s their example joystick build which gives measurements for the box they used. It might look a little big, but I’m thinking part of the reason for all the depth is so that there’s space to rest your wrists on. They also have the all important drill hole measurements for the buttons and joystick.
]Most joystick top panels seem to be smaller than the overall width of the box so they can be dropped in and fastened into place with screws.
[*]What are you looking out of this particular joystick? Portability? Stability? One or two players? I’d default to thinking you want something similar to the Madcatz Tournament Edition but it’s a very personal thing so the specifications are somewhat important… If you’d prefer a Namco Playstation type joystick for super portability or a Hori VX type build for a more arcade authentic proportionality, well, they’re all very different sorts of measurements.

Yeah, I must have overlooked the stuff from slagcoin. That helps a lot. I really am not worried about the depth of the case. Just the top plate to mount my Happ parts. 12"x8" looks like what I am going with now that slagcoin re-assures me of my measurements.

12x8’s a pretty interesting measurement since it’s approximately the size of a standardized piece of letter sized, which is exactly 11x8.5 inches. Contrasting a piece of letter sized to my R1 T.E.'s top panel, that looks like it should be large enough to comfortably hold the joystick and all of the the buttons and 8.5 inches also overlaps the bezel. However you might want to consider go closer to about the size of legal paper, which is 8.5x14 just to get a couple of extra inches on the sides, especially if you like resting any part of your hands or wrists on the sides of the panel. I don’t have any legal on hand to compare though.

Come to think of it though, I vaguely recollect somebody once saying a legal sized piece of paper was about he size of the overall art on a T.E. though… Edit: Yeah, lots of people say that actually. I must note that the art of the T.E. has rounded corners though…