Case Lighting


Just picked up a MC SCV stick and I want to take advantage of the translucent case. Buttons are easy enough - I’m either gonna put just the Sparky in or wait for the ArcEye to play nice with the Ps3 stick (if I decide to do the buttons at all).

I would like to replace the bottom panel with clear acrylic and mount a couple LEDs in the case for a nice glowing effect. I’ve got plenty of soldering/electronic exp. but nothing with arcade sticks, so I was wondering what everyone here would recommend. Could I just mount the LEDs and run them into the power on the pcb, or would a controller board be the way to go? Not looking for fancy effects, just a constant glow when the stick is powered up. I’m not interested in installing battery packs either, but if that’s what needs to be done… I’ve used the LED strips in PC cases but that seems like overkill for a stick. Recommendations?

Thanks in advance!