Casey Anthony found not guilty

Greetings misogynists at SRK

Casey Anthony found not guilty of murder of her child:

Wikipedia background info:

Let me start off by saying after reading the wiki entry, the evidence is pretty damning against Casey Anthony. Second, if Casey were a dude, not a woman, I’m pretty sure he would’ve gotten convicted. Since this is SRK, I’m sure everyone agrees with my sentiments yes?

I check just two minutes before thinking someone had made a thread. Anyways what a fail justice system just smh.

Edit: and yet she is found guilty for lying to the police makes no sense.

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my facebook wall just blew the fuck up. its like this case is my generations oj trial. my white friends are super pissed, my other friends are mad, but not as mad as my friends…their writing damn paragraphs in their statuses.

They failed to prove beyond reasonable doubt.

If I was a member of the jury, I would be having nightmares for the rest of my life knowing that I let a murderer go.

technicalities are a bitch

I was watching the WWC I forgot this was today but damn so many comments on Facebook mistake was death penalty.

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No evidence, No conviction.

You know she is going to go into hiding after this.

What evidence? There was no evidence, and no motive

If this was a black man from Alabama he would have been found guilty of all 7 counts. Reasonable doubt my ass!


stay free, people who never even watched the trial but are mad anyway with the end result.

As much as my emotional, irrational self is screaming “she’s guilty!”, my rational, objective self tells me that the prosecution (based on the news reports, so who knows how accurate/biased those are) did not prove their case. Being a liar, slut, etc doesn’t mean that you’re a killer, and that’s pretty much what the prosecution was relying on; Casey’s wild, strange behavior after Caylee died.

EDIT: THE ANSWER, I was actually talking to my co-worker about that too; the chances of a young, moderately good looking (in those club, party photos at least), white, female being sentenced to death was very, very slim. I’m inclined to think that probably factored into the jurors’ bias in addition to a weak case by the prosecution.

Man I’m so out of touch. I know nothing of this case.

The defense closing was too godlike. Jose Baez owned that shit up.

All jokes aside, this case needed a IRL Cole Phelps.

lol clearly everyone mad hasnt watched the trail or an episode of law and order.

This now that I started looking at it from an unbiased standpoint yeah your right also if it was life in prison the result might have been different.

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wheres the mandatory “i’d hit it”

Yeah theirs really nothing to be angry about, a case wasn’t made.