Casey Kasem dead at 82



RIP Shaggy


Keep reaching for the stars Mr. Kasem.
RIP Bluestreak, Cliffjumper, and Teletraan -1


I never realized how old he was. 82? Sounded like he was 19 in the 1960’s.

At least Welker has another twenty years. Which means another twenty years of degrading work for those dumb straight-to-video Scooby Doo movies.


Daughters pulled the plug on fathers day of all days :S (it was his wish to not be a vegetable but still)




Man that is some sad news, I’ll miss you Robin. :sad:


Fuck you, 2014. Fuck you.


Didn’t he have a psycho bitch wife keeping him from his family or am I thinking of another celeb?
Either way sad to think someone that kept the music flowing while I was grinding in FFVII is now dead.


Same one.


RIP… Casey Kasem.


RIP Shaggy.

Time to pour one out for my childhood homie.


Don’t google Scooby Snacks btw.


Never forget


Brian Whitman (LA area talk radio host) used to do a great impression of him

The clip he is impersonating is funny and a cool behind the scenes listen for radio fans (essentialy Kasem gets pissed about having to read a listener letter about their dog dying after an uptempo song)


yeah, lol, I remember that radio clip. H. Stern useta play that all the time.

regarding Scooby Doo:

Now he can come back as a ghost only to have Velma disclaim him as being real.
cuz according to her, every supernatural unexplainable phenomenon could never exist…
she would always be like “Silly, don’t you know there’s no such thing as (ghosts, vampires, monsters, ghouls, wolfmen, fill in the blank, etc etc etc)?”

she’s explaining this…
to a talking dog.


Hated that retarded nonsensical show. terrible cartoon.
Casey, you will not be missed by me.


Zionist figurehead…may you rest in peace


Respect the hell out of him leaving the Transformers cartoon when he did.


I thought it was common knowledge that the entire cast of Scooby-Doo was tripping balls.


I don’t get it, very weird kid.

Useta isn’t a word either. But I guess Mummy is. She probably figures that’s real, but not being an up and walking around dead person. Just a guy in a mask, which -you know- the last 500 were.

What’s really going to flip your lid, is that all those guys get carted off to jail, without actually committing any crimes, and did nothing else besides chasing these kids around someplace for 30 minutes. Not wanting a museum to be closed, keeping people out of a theme park, and stuff like that.


Rest in peace Casey Kasem, will do some Transformers g1 marathon this weekend to celebrate this.