Casino a3 tournament

1st damien v-rose/v-dan
2nd chunkis v-ken
3rd gary evil guy v-ryu
4th richard willams v-juni
5th inspector v-cammy

I never thought I would see the day where all the casino bums played v-ism, better late than never.

Final damien-chunkis 4-3
simi finals gary vs damien 2-4 chunkis vs richard 4-3
fight for 3rd gary-richard 4-0

Tournament was good I never seen v-rose played so good before.
garys v-ryu is the best v-ryu I have ever seen, Even though he refuses to learn the hadorave he says that he wants to have his own style of combos. Anyway there will be a tournament same time next weekend if anybody gives a dam.