Is anyone going to gamble at EVO as well (of course in the casinos)? If so then what games will you play?


A lot of the Arkansas guys will gamble. I play Blackjack and have been known to play (literally) 20 hours straight multiple times.
If you gamble, don’t expect to win. If you want to maximize your chances of winning, play games with the best odds and learn the basic strategy for that particular game. If you play blackjack, you can learn how to count cards (not too hard, but takes several hours of practice). Print out the basic strategy ( is good for this) and bring it with you. Casinos don’t mind if you have the basic strategy with you. Odds are still in their favor.
If anyone wants to gamble with me, feel free to hit me up. I love me some blackjack.


I might hit up some poker myself…PLO or NL :smiley:


I’m not allowed to gamble on machines so no penny slots for me :razzy:. Thank God non-mechanical/ electronic tables are fine though. Who wants to throw away their life savings on some craps with me?

-Tha Hindu


I must admit, those nickel slots are very tempting to play.


any version of baccarat


There’s still a lot of poker events going on at the same time as EVO.
WSOP Main event (though I doubt anyone going to EVO is playing)
Venetian Deepstack Extravaganza
Caesar’s Mega Stack Series
Binions Poker Classic
Bellagio Cup VIII

Personally, I’ll probably play a DSE event, play cash poker, craps, roulette, blackjack.


I WILL play on a dollar slot too :stuck_out_tongue: but I won’t go all out or anything. My old man won on one of those things when I was young.


The best odds are on Roulette and War, War is hard to find but easily the best since it’s near 50/50 even more so than roulette. I believe cosmo and planet hollywood have it.


Please don’t give bad information. Roulette is probably the table game with the WORST odds. War isn’t 50-50 either since it’s very hard for dealer to lose ties. You can win Blackjack over time if you learn to count. If you play perfect basic strategy (doing exactly what the little card tells you to do) house edge is only like .5 % (give or take, but less than 1%).


advice wasn’t bad…and there’s no player error on those games unless you’re really dumb with bet spread. you can play Roulette at 47/53 odds on 1:1 bets. War is 50/50 up until a tie and then it becomes house favor.

No game has house at disadvantage unless you use an exploit such as counting. I also doubt perfect blackjack is that close to 50/50.

  1. 47-53 is terrible over time. I mean it’s terrible every single time you play it, but you do get some lucky spins and win. I’ve won several hundred off roulette, but it’s nothing more than a gamble that I just wanted to have fun with. I’d never advise people to seriously play it if they want to maximize their chances of winning. Roulette is at BEST 5% house edge (unless you play on single 0 wheels or have the French Jail rule (neither of which you’ll see in Vegas).
  2. War is technically 50-50 for a while. However, the tie KILLS the player making the overall odds at BEST 2% house edge.
  3. Counting isn’t really an exploit. Almost everyone who plays Blackjack a little bit “counts” by seeing what’s on the table and making their decision based on that (“oh there’s a ton of low cards in a row, the next card is gonna be a 10”). Is it accurate? Slightly, but casinos don’t care until you get good at it. Fun fact: You can actually beat the house JUST by keeping track of how many Aces and 5s have come out.
  4. is THE place to find out about casino games’ odds. Blackjack has variable house edge because there are literally dozens of rules that each have an effect on the player. Rules of thumb: Don’t worry about multideck. DO NOT play on 6:5 blackjack payout tables (ONLY accept 3:2). I recommend tables that offer surrender. Learn exactly when to split and double down. NEVER take insurance or even money. Those last two tips will save/win you a lot of money over time.
  5. You can look up odds for playing perfect basic strategy online, but here’s a good calculator that can tell you what the odds are for the tables you choose to play at (if you know the rules at the table):
    I put in the WORST possible set of rules except I didn’t allow 6:5 BJ payout (since you should never do this) and got a house edge that is 1.00055%. The default set of rules on there is I think around 0.5% house edge.


the house still has an edge, I dont see how you can win over time unless you get lucky.


That is wrong. As I said, you can win in blackjack over time if you learn to count. Betting more when you’re likely to win (a lot of high cards left in the deck) and betting less when you’re likely to lose (a lot of low cards left in the deck) offsets any advantage the house normally has. There are other criteria that must be met (the main one being having a big enough bankroll to last through hot and cold streaks), but over time YOU WILL WIN MONEY FROM THE HOUSE if you learn how to count cards AND play/bet correctly based on what you know from the count. Note that I didn’t say “play perfectly” because there are a lot of plays that you can make that are statistically correct (and nets more money for you), but you don’t want to do because they are classic card-counting tells. In most states, it’s not illegal to count cards, but casinos have the right to refuse service for various reasons and they will blacklist you if you are too good at winning money from them (although they generally don’t care if you play under $100 per hand from what I’ve seen).

If you think I’m wrong about the house still having an edge, please provide sources. I can provide sources to statistically models that back up my claims.