Casshern tactics - how to play Casshern?



edit: link to casshern casuals -

So I’m trying to learn how to play this guy and I’m having a hard time learning how to be Casshern.

My feeling is that he is a rush down kinda character, but his tools for this are risky or short ranged.

After a session of using Casshern in casuals, here are some of my notes. Please help me explore these.

[]Casshern does not have good ways to get in and his normals are very short ranged. It is usually impossible to combo into a 5C on a human opponent due to crouching or mid-screen
]jump C has a slow start-up but really good priority during it’s hit frames. I don’t think I’ve been stuffed out of a jump C, but I’ve traded at most. If you connect a j.C you get a knockdown
[]most/all knockdowns can lead to his geyser super (and in my case I can DHC karas’ sword spin super…lots of damage, always over 20k I think)
]Jump back C to get breathing space. On landing call friender. If they are rushing you down, A friender will help tremendously. A friender is a jump attack (read: overhead) and gives you a knockdown. It will come out even if they hit you while you do the whistle.
[]I rarely ever connect with B friender. I think it is the most useless version of friender just because I don’t know how/when to call him because my opponents are usually in my face or in the air. I’ve tried calling B friender after a knockdown, but they see it a mile away and just block it. After the block, I have no more pressure. Please tell me how you guys are setting up B friender. Cuz if B friender connects, you can lay on HUUUGE damage.
]C friender is good for setting up pressure/mixups after a knockdown. A friender is also good on a cornered opponent because it’s an overhead. ie. you have a knockdown in/near the corner. call out A friender and the dog will do an overhead. if the overhead hits, you can immediately juggle a launcher.
[]bread and butter string is (2A), 2A, 2B, 3C, sj.A, A, B, B, j.A, B, 236C, land, geyser super. If they block, cancel 3C into another move or call out assist.
]because I can rarely combo 5C, I can’t combo his 236A/B. this hurts my game a lot
[]236A/B by itself is a decent move to close the gap. But I would only do it with an assist or baroque. I do this and just hope for the best. If I connect with a 236A/B I will get karas assist to combo. After that I can immediately call B friender and set up a damaging combo. If I connect and baroque, I can do an even longer combo. This approach will have the opponent in a standing state, so you can do casshern’s big combos cuz you can combo 5C.
]Random 421A/B/C is working out for me… But I want to find good setups for it. It should be an option you keep in your mind if they are near the corner because you can link the geyser super.
[*]I never do his lvl3 or his 41236 super. Reasons being I don’t know how to combo into them. 41236 combos off a 236A/B but 236A/B combos off a 5C. since I cannot connect a 5C, I can’t connect 236A/B

I still don’t know how I’m supposed to play Casshern. It seems like he’s all about getting knockdowns and spamming friender.

a few more notes I didn’t include:
[] 236C charge is really good. Probably unavoidable when you kill an opponent and their partner comes in. C friender also helps you set up the charge. you can link a super after this as well at any range
] A friender does 3600 damage (according to densetsu’s post). I think this is more than most projectiles. More than Ryu’s C fireball


Ive been playing Cash-Earned since the game came out and theres a few things i learned myself.

  1. Have a good assist with you. One that either extends your range or that extends combos.

2)Bait opponents with friender but do it smartly

  1. Dont spam IAD against Tekkaman lol


Do you IAD C? or IAD A?

what kind of friender setups do you do?

Also, what is 6B used for?? it doesn’t cancel into or from anything.


Alright well a few things I’ve found:

First off, bnb ground combo is 2a, 5b, 2b, 5c, the 5b actually moves you forwards a bit, so that should help with your spacing some and then the 5c hits. From the 5c, you can go to 236b, and then baroque or go to the super, or you can combo to a 3c, then aerial combo, j236c, super. Notes on damage> IIRC, if you do one repetition of the ground string the 236b, 236a+b does the most damage, however, if you do more than one repetition either through baroque, or an assist, the proration changes it so that the launcher>air combo>geyser super does more.

He seems like he should be a combo character at first, but he’s really not. He has no good air to ground moves, the j.C is way too slow, the j.B is at the wrong angle and the j.A has bad range and doesn’t always combo once you land. So what I do is play spacing mostly. I use him with roll, and I would recommend using someone with a projectile super. I try to keep out C friender as much as possible. If C friender hits, you can super jump, j236C which will combo them out of the fire into a kockdown>super. If they try to jump it, use your 421a, which should hit them into the fire and push them away or knockdown>super. A projectile assist really helps you keep them at bay and cover you while you call friender out though.

Basically make them try to get to you. If you’re playing another character who’s projectile happy, just predict and punish. You can punish pretty much any projectile in the game with a well timed super jump>j236c>super.


nice, good tips.

that friender setup sounds very useful. gonna give it a spin.

is the 5B, 2B, 5C combo really reliable for you? most of the time the 5C whiffs or just gets one hit (uncombo’d).


If you’re trying to combo from j.C, remember you have enough time to dash in slightly and go for 2A if your spacing is slightly off. From there, 2a 5b 2b 5c should land perfectly.

A few good mix-ups:

  • C Friender to 236c charge is awesome as stated above
  • I use Roll as an assist. Roll’s assist puts ice on the ground if it misses. Calling A Friender next usually catches them in the air when they try to jump over it (if they try)
  • If they’re blocking low on 5c, 421c should catch them since it’s an overhead.
  • Casshern’s 5b has has very little lag and brings you closer to the opponent. During a combo and on block, try to mix up a grab.
  • If you KO one of your opponents, have an assist, a C Friender, and a 236 charge ready.


Okay, I played some more games with Casshern and I think I’m getting better. Here’s some new notes:

  • fireball/projectile assist is very welcome for casshern and can set up B friender in a particular circumstance
    • I was fighting morrigan and she was throwing fireballs. So I call ryu assist and then B friender. ryu’s fireball takes out morrigan’s fireball and B friender catches her before she can recover -> big damage
  • mixed up A and C friender. I don’t know what to do after a succesful A friender knockdown. I want to call him out again as C friender but he takes a long time to leave the screen. my only idea right now is to dash in and try to poke/combo. But for some reason I’m failing and getting out poked. I think I just need some practice
  • 421A/B/C mixups are great close to the corner. ie. 2A, 2A, 421A, super
  • I STILL can’t get 5C to connect reliably.
  • countering keepaway tactics with super-jump 236C (-> super) is wonderful.

so what I’ve developed so far is

  • if they’re playing at a distance, call assist/friender and try to counter what they do with jump 236C
  • if they’re getting in your face, jump back C and mix up A/C friender… although my followups are pretty weak right now. I don’t really know what to do other than 236 C charge into 623 C XX super

what I have trouble is when I’m cornered. I can’t seem to get out very easily when they are putting a lot of pressure. I don’t know what to counter it with. I don’t think geysar super is fast enough to save me. If I get a tiny window, I would call A friender, cuz then they’ll get knocked down or have to block.


Use his rising knee attack, it blocks attacks on startup and will knock em down long enough to Geyser Super them if you used weak knee


Yeah Rising knee is great because it gives invincibility, use the weak version to punish or pusblock>super is another good option once you’re cornered. About the combos, are you using multiple pokes at the beginning of the combo, or just hitting A once? Because hitting a couple of those at the start can throw you off.


OK I played some more and I sorta have a game plan with Casshern now.

  • when I get cornered and they’re doing pressure. I push and call A friender, or just wait for a small opening and call A friender. It gets them like 90% of the time, otherwise they have to block anyway and I get more breathing room. After the knockdown I just jump and double dash out of the corner.

I think when you play Casshern, your main goal is to get your opponent into the corner and do mixups into knockdowns -> super

here are some more notes:

  • should use 421C over the A/B versions most of the time because you really can’t afford a whiff. The move itself is risky so I should use the one with most range. You can still geyser super if they’re in the corner. Does anyone baroque this if they block it? I’ve been thinking about doing that but I’ve only had it blocked maybe once so far lol.
    edit: 421A as an anti-air seems good…saw keits do this in his casual vids

  • 2A, 2A, 421C is an awesome way to push your opponent into the corner. I tend to do this after a reset or mid-screen knockdown

  • Even dash-in 421C works well

  • as suggested by ying/yourmother, rising knee can get you out of a lot of situations. it has start-up invincibility but there is window where you can still get hit out of it. It’s happened vs multi-hit attacks like Morrigan’s C attack

  • I try to limit doing air 236C (to punish keepaway tactics) to maybe 1-2 times a match. I’ve been getting punished badly if it gets blocked

  • when they are near the corner I usually go for C friender then 236C unblockable (-> 623C XX super)

What I want to work on:

  • dealing with projectile spam… I partner karas so I call him out to reflect fireballs. I’m not sure how I would handle saki or megaman’s spam

  • high/low mixup strings. Which of his down attacks are low? I think his 2A is mid. I haven’t checked if 2B is low. I’m pretty sure 2C is low. an idea I had is to do 2A, 2B, 2C. If they get hit I get a knockdown. I can do 623A/B right away and super or call out C friender for a possible mixup. If they block I would cancel 2C (i don’t know if this is possible) into 421C to go for an overhead.

  • I usually have a habit of hitting A twice when starting a combo. That’s probably why I can’t get 5C to hit. Still a problem for me. I really want to set up his ground baroque combo but I haven’t found a good way to do it yet. I’m starting to lean towards using baroque to save myself from his bad recovery on his special moves instead of trying to go for the combo. But if a B friender ever connects…I’ll be sure to go for it.

  • other corner pressure options


  • 421A as anti-air*


I’ve made a playlist of some casshern matches I’ve had in casuals.


6B is casshern’s only decent poke, and its super cancelable. (not special)


do you know any particular usage for it?

it comes out decently fast but it also recovers quite slow. Maybe hit confirm? I dunno


i dont use 6B much myself :frowning: yeah you have to hit confirm it to super from it. but otherwise if its blocked its pretty shitty


from the keits vids it seems that a very potent strategy from casshern would be to play defensive and zone out ure opponent, going for unblockable set ups into his geyser special then ulti. with the right assist he could be NASTY


anyone know if A friender -> geyser super works? if you’re close enough? I’ll test this when I get home…
edit: A friender -> super works, but only well in the corner. I probably won’t do it midscreen unless it will kill the opponent. It usually only get 1-2 hits mid screen.

Also something I learned is that Casshern’s rising knee is not completely invincible on start-up. It looks like it only has frontal invincibility.

if ppl are 2A’ing me while I do rising knee, I will hit them. But if someone like Karas (other characters work too) does 2B, it knocks me out of my rising knee because (I think) it doesn’t just hit me in the front. I learned this the hard way, trying to mash a rising knee to get out of karas block strings.

I’m going to try and see how push->super works against his pressure. Right now I just push and call A friender.


new note:

-you can combo 623B (maybe C even) after an A friender. Which also means you can super. pretty free damage.


Any suggestions on hitting them with Casshern’s ult? It is the slowest super I have ever seen :smiley:


That lvl 3 is pretty bad. It’s hard to combo in (well not that hard really, just use an assist), and it eats scaling hard. It actually has upper body invincibility though, you can use it to catch certain stuff which is kind of funny. Generally though, it’s not worth it.


I’ve seen it combo off a baroque canceled rdp+a/b/c. Friender bite also works as well.