Casshern - UAS. Basic BnBs and Mixups

Note : All damage numbers can generally vary plus or minus 50 bill. All Baroque combos done with 10% red life.

Basic Combos :

*~~~~ The Bread N’ Butters*

    • 8,154
      c.A, B, c.B, C
      [2A, 5B, 2B, 5C]
      Most every extended ground combo for Casshern starts with this string of moves right here, your Bread N Butter in most cases.
    • 6,631
      c.A, B, c.B, f.B
      [2A, 5B, 2B, 6B]
      An alternative to the basic Bread N’ Butter, 6B is cancellable into specials and is a worthy alternative when doing your BnB on shorter crouching opponents since it’ll do more damage when 5C would normally only do 1 hit.

Note : As long as you don’t plan on cancelling 6B into 3C (Launcher), you can replace any combo with the [2A, 5B, 2B, 5C] string with the alternative BnB.

*~~~~ Comboing with Specials*

Lightning Punch-A : 10,853
c.A, B, c.B, C, QCF-A
[2A, 5B, 2B, 5C, 236-A]

You have a number of options after the QCF-A special. You could cancel into HCF - Super or Baroque and continue the ground combo, know that if you baroque your best bet would be to repeat the first basic combo (c.A. B. c.B, C) 2 more times and end with a Launcher -> Air Combo -> QCF-C -> Super. We’ll get to the longer strings later.

Boulder Chop - C* : 13,149
c.A, B, c.B, C, c.C, DP-C
[2A, 5B, 2B, 5C, 2C, 623-C]

Very good combo if you’re just planning to do some quick easy damage to your opponent, but doesn’t leave you many options after the DP-C other than throwing out your super. If you’re using this string on a blocking standing opponent the c.C will trip them and you can proceed with the last 2 inputs (DP-C xx Geiser Super)

Catapult Knee-A/B A-Version : 10,439; B-Version : 10,913
c.A, B, c.B, C, RDP-A or B versions
[2A, 5B, 2B, 5C, 421-A or B]

First off, why use The Knee - A or B version over the C version? The A version does everything the B version does with less startup time and less damage. You can baroque either version and continue your combo with relative ease. The C version of the move however leaves the opponent too far away to do much of anything. If you’re using this string on an opponent that’s both crouching and blocking you might be better off omitting the last C and skipping straight to the RDP-A or B. Why? Well, typically if you’re hitting a crouching opponent they’re gonna be advance guarding, the sooner you throw out the overhead, the better.

“The Knee” has wonderful characteristics :

  1. It has super armor on startup, meaning you could tank through your opponents counter attack and still hit them, baroque, and continue your combo
  2. It hits overhead. So this means if your opponent continues to crouch block while this move connects they will be hit regardless. Too good.
  3. When knee is advance guarded no push back is applied. So if they block and advance gaurd the knee BBQ to grab comes out very fast
  4. Knee is good also when you anticipate a tech roll cuz the thrusters shoot fire behind casshern that can actually hit the opponent. (so the opponent can get hit when they get out of the roll on both sides of you)

Thanks go out to ThaHungryWolf for points 3 and 4.

** Launcher Combos **
There are gonna be two variations of this combo, the first one is going to be without a Lightning Punch-B version, generally if you’re just starting out with Casshern this is the one you’re gonna wanna try to master first as the Lightning punch version’s timing can be kind of strict. You’ll also have to consider if the extra damage is worth going through the trouble of dealing with the more difficult timing. In both combos you can land on the ground and throw out a geiser super for more damage.

No Lightning Punch : 20,028
c.A, B, c.B, C, Launcher j.AABB -DoubleJump- j.B, QCF-C,
[2A, 5B, 2B, 5C, 3C, j.AABB -Jump- j.B, 236-C]

Lightning Punch-B : 23,590
c.A, B, c.B, C, QCF-B B, c.B Launcher, J.AABB -DoubleJump- j.B QCF-C
[2A, 5B, 2B, 5C, 236-B, 5B, 2B, 3C, J.AABB -DoubleJump- j.B, 236-C]

Note : Because i dont feel like writing out every combo with launchers twice just know that you can replace any string that has [2A, 5B, 2B, 5C, 3C] with the Lightning Punch-B version of the launcher for some extra damage.

Baroque Combos :
And now we get into the more complicated Casshern combos. Don’t let the prospect of Baroqueing (or BBQing as most people refer to it as) scare you, it’s an INSANELY useful mechanic. At face value Baroque is used simply to cancel the lag of any attack or special so that you can either extend your combos or make an unsafe move safe. The more red life you have, the more damage your normals will do after Baroqueing so it’s a good idea to make the Baroque combos niceee and long.

Lightning Punch BBQ (No Assist) : 25,000
c.A, B, c.B, C, QCF+A, BBQ, -Dash->, c.A, B, c.B, C, Launcher, j.AABB, -Jump- j.B, QCF-C
[2A, 5B, 2B, 5C, 236-A, BBQ, 2A, 5B, 2B, 5C, 3C, j.AABB -Jump- j.Bm QCF-C]

Lightning Punch BBQ (Projectile Assist)* : 29,656
c.A, B, c.B, C, QCF+A, BBQ, -Dash->, c.A, B, c.B, C, P, HCB-B, c.A, B, c.B, C, Launcher j.AABB -Double Jump- j.B QCF-C
[2A, 5B, 2B, 5C, 236-A, BBQ, 2A, 5B, 2B, 5C, P, HCB-B, 2A, 5B, 2B, 5C, 3C, j.AABB -Jump- j.B, 236-C]

Just gonna need your standard projectile assist; Ryu, Morrigan, or anyone that can cause enough hitstun and doesn’t set your opponent into a stagger state. If you’re using a Roll/Karas assist you’re better off using the no-assist version of this combo. B-Friender (HCB-B) is the key to getting the 3rd repetition of your BnB as it latches on to your opponent as he or she is still in the hit stun of the assist attack.

Catapult Knee BBQ : 19,300
c.A, B, c.B, C, Knee-B (Reverse DP Motion), BBQ, -Dash-> c.A, B, Launcher, j.AB, QCF-C
[2A, 5B, 2B, 5C, 421-B, BBQ, 2A, 5B, 3C, j.AB, 236-C]

My personal favorite baroque combo, may not do as much damage as the above combo but its definitely got flare, and of course thanks to the above mentioned knee properties (Super Armor and hitting Overhead) you might be pulling this one off more often. After The Knee you’ll basically be juggling your opponent so it may take some practice. Also, because your opponent will technically already be in the air before you launch him the timing for your Air Combo will be a little different, which is why you can’t rely on j.AABB.
Level 3 Combo :
** To be frank, there’s almost no reason to waste 3 meters on a level 3 super unless you’re using it to win a match. A standard VHC combo with the right assist can easily the top damage achieved in your typical level 3 combo. Hell, with 2 meters and a VAR you can top the damage you’d do in a Level 3 combo, but for the sake of completion …

With Lightning Punch - B : 26,940
c.A, B, c.B, C, QCF-B xx Level 3 Super.
[2A, 5B, 2B, 5C, 236-B, 421-AB]

The stagger after the Denkou Punch-B causes just enough hitstun to combo into level 3, its good stuff. But with the right assist, in all honesty it’s better to just … not use the level 3.

Polymar also gives Casshern a free level 3 super. Polymar’s kick assist suspends the enemy at the perfect height to get off the beam. Haven’t checked the damage but its a neat trick.

2a 5b (call assist) 2b (assist hits) level 3 super.

In regards to the basic string ( 2a 5b 2c 5c etc ), why is 5c used instead of 6b? 6b is special-cancellable, so it still works unless you want to do 2c for a knockdown. And 6b does a bit more damage than 5c. Does it prorate worse or something?

If both hits of 5C land then it does more damage than 2A, 5B, 2B, 6B. But sure, since it is special-cancellable I see no reason why it wouldn’t be a viable option on a crouching opponent. I’ll edit it.

I’m pretty sure Capcom wanted to somehow put C. Falcon in this game but instead chose Casshern. He’s got the knee of justice and a falcon punch. Too good.

Anyway. Only thing I can add is really just for Casshern’s basic bbq combo from the lightning punch with Soki as an assist:
2a, 5b, 2b, 5c, P, 5a, 5b, 2b, 5c, qcf a, bbq, 5a, 5b, 2b, 5c, 2c, dp b xx dp a+b (or c) + D for some crazy damage, and after Casshern is done breaking the Earth apart but before Soki scewers whoever is your victim with his sword, you can do another Brutal Axe special if you have the meter to spare for another 8? Billion damage.

Oh, are you supposed to land both hits of 5C? I’ve always just assumed you have to cancel after the first hit lol. I’ll go give that a try. Also, while you are editing, there are still a couple random “HCB”-style notations in the middle of the numerical ones, like

I don’t want to nitpick too much though, this thread has been very informative.

if you switch in casshern and you land the switch in kick you can then do a level 1 super

[media=youtube]U7BBNeWjpvI[/media] Can we get some of these in the OP? I think the 5a/2a 5b 2b 5c denkou strings are pretty versatile… without meter or bbq you can still get 2 reps in, replacing the 2nd denkou with a B version into launcher

so even with no meter you could 5a 5b 2b 5c 236A P 63214B IAD j.c 5a 5b 2b 5c 236B 3c j.a j.a j.b j.b dj j.b j.236C (needs Morrigan or Ryu assist though, so that’s a bit specific… I’ll test who else it works with though)
although the timing on the drill kick at the end of that is really really tight, you could probably replace it with a j.c and get a reliable ender vs a little more damage

Not much mix up with casshern but i guess you can go into 421+B (knee) after you see them blocking and if they block it either just bbq the 2nd hit or call in assist to cover you. If they stand up and block it you could bbq and sweep to mix up. If it hits You can also use certain assists to combo after knee.

Knee is good also when you anticipate a tech roll cuz the thrusters shoot fire behind casshern that can actually hit the opponent. (so the opponent can get hit when they get out of the roll on both sides of you). you might be able to bbq off of the fire hitting them and follow up with a combo. <-- needs to be tested.

When knee is advance guarded no push back is applied. So if they block and advance gaurd the knee BBQ to grab comes out very fast

random note qcf+B, BBQ, qcf+C (hold), Ryu assist,unblockable C lands after ryu assist for a combo

Does decent damage with very minimal bbq and doesnt build them much meter. doing a full string before the qcf B results in meterless half life combo.

You could wait like half a sec after the bbq to start charging qcf+C to result in a reset situation because they are in stagger state after qcf B then ryu assist juggles them and they black flip down to the ground. immediately from there they would eat the unblockable.

Very nice info ThaHungryWolf, I’ll definitely add it to the thread.

Ive been doing this reset alot lately and it has always landed

after the basic BnB combo, right after the first denko punch i baroque, but when i baroque i Super jump then Air dash over them, and continue the combo from the other side, of course this is only good if you have <10% baroque because if you have more red life its better to just finish the combo with the baroque

so what option’s do we have after unblockable? i haven’t experimented with it yet.

what are uses for casshern’s 6B?
it seems the only thing that can combo from it is dekupunch, then you can bbq off that to his regular combo. it does have the most reach of his normal.

yup thats pretty much its only use as far as i know, baroque then continue the combo

You can cancel it into Casshern’s Knee as well.

6B cancels into B denkou which staggers long enough to launch them. It’s a decent poke that you can combo off of.

Since his A drill kick got nerfed, your only decent follow ups are

hit unblockable

  • C chop xx chop super
  • dash in chop super
  • tiger knee B drill kick xx chop super

edit: well, I shouldn’t say ONLY but those are the main ones

I played casshern in CGoH, but pretty much replaced him with joe the condor in UAS.
I was messing with him today though and he still can cancel 2C into friender call.
Wasn’t mentioned yet, but I always thought that was important.
Really adds to his mixup game.

bnb > 2C xx 63214C > assist > start charging 236C unblockable.
That was a setup I used to throw out every so often in CGoH and still works just as efficiently.
As long as your opponent doesn’t think quick enough to roll behind you after knockdown,
there’s nothing they could do but block flames on wakeup and eat yr unblockable.

It works midscreen I guess, but it’s something I’d try to stick to doing near the corner,
since lots of people don’t expect it, but still have a habit of rolling away after they get knocked down.

I made this video giving some BnBs and tips, tell me what you think