Casshern weirdness

I haven’t played casshern much since the US release since i find him quite hard to play online. His timing is a pain in the ass when there’s any lag. Anyway, I was fucking around with him tonight and noticed if you do his old bbq/karas combo (bnb, A denkou punch, bbq, bnb, A denkou punch, karas assist, B dog, bnb, a denkou punch, super denkou punch) against ken in the corner, ken bugs out right when you do the super. He is in his airborne damage pose but ends up in the ground all of a sudden. It just lasts a second but its still pretty weird. I really wish that combo still worked. It was a lot of fun.

I think that is probably normal. Just weird mechanic of that hit.

its normal, since it happens every time, but its definitely a glitchy thing that must have been over looked. basically ken’s waste is coming out of the ground, thats how low he is.