Castle Fight Night #4 - Long Island, NY - 10/13/07

Castle Golf
1878 Middle Country Rd
Centereach, NY 11720

(631) 471-1267

Train Info: Take the LIRR to Ronkonkoma Station.
Directions from Ronkonkoma Station to Castle Golf.

October 13th @ 3pm. Casuals will be running till close. (till midnight at least)

Fee: $10 venue + $5 for each tourney you enter. Sorry, but you must pay the venue even if you want to play casuals only.

Bringing TVs and systems cuts off $5 from your tourney fees. Sorry, but no matter how many TVs and systems you bring, you will still have to pay the $10 venue. Basically, bringing equipment gets you 1 free tourney per item you bring. (of course, it counts only if we actually use your TV/system)

Please help by bringing systems! Even PS2s. (modded and Japanese help as well) Especially bring PS3s and Xbox360s. We can always use more of everything.

Prize split: Depends on how big the pot is for a certain game. If it’s big enough for the 70/20/10 split, there ya go. If not, winner takes all.

Tourneys & casuals include, but not limited to: (feel free to bring anything you want)

Akatsuki Blitzkampf
Arcana Heart
Capcom vs SNK 2
Dance Dance Revolution Extreme
Dead Or Alive 4
Gears Of War
Guilty Gear XX: Accent Core
Guitar Hero
Guitar Hero 2
Guitar Hero 80’s Edition
Halo 2
Halo 3
Hokuto No Ken (Fist Of The North Star)
Killer Instinct
Marvel vs Capcom 2
Melty Blood: Act Cadenza (ver B on laptop when available)
Mortal Kombat: Deception
Mortal Kombat: Armageddon
Samurai Showdown V
Soul Calibur
Soul Calibur II
Soul Calibur III
Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold
Street Fighter Alpha 3 Arranged
Street Fighter III: Third Strike
Super Smash Bros Melee
Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo
Tekken: Dark Resurrection
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3
Vampire Savior
Virtua Fighter 5

Pics from previous smaller Castle Golf events:

This is Castle Golf’s 4th major game event. The other 3 have all been big successes. Over 40 people each, with many coming from as far as NYC, NJ and MD. :bgrin:

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I’ll be running 3rd Strike as usual. Same deal as last time guys, if you want a match recorded, just let me know.

Like I posted in the SC forums I’ll be down there for the following games: SC3/3S/MB.

Gonna need a ride from the station tho.

Hey your tourney would be better if you change it to the week after so it doesnt conflict with ecc 12.5 so more people would come to it

You’ll find very good comp in MB and I look forward to SC3 matches. We had really really really good SC2 matches last time. The finals were ridiculous. It was 3-to-3 of course, and I ended up taking the heartbreaking loss on Round 4. Very good game though. Looking forward to a rematch with that guy. (Joe C., who was at Evo East) I hope to see you in the finals for SC3.

That can be arranged. Click the link to the Long Island thread at the bottom of my first post and ask there if you don’t get an answer in this thread.

Damn. I didn’t even notice. Well, it’s too late to change the date now. My next event will most likely be November 3rd.

you guys should change it the week after. 10/13 would be alot better, you would get more local turnouts

Can’t tell you how stoked I am to be attending a tournament run by someone with the balls to go against ECC12.5 within a 2hr drive. This shit is gonna be wicked. Can’t wait to show people my guitar. It’s custom made. YEA!!!

Well, it’s more like I had no idea about ECC12.5. Normally, I would hold my date because of how much effort has already been put into having the event on the 6th. But many of the best local players here want to move my event to the next week so they can come to both events. And that’s probably what I will do.

Nah fuck them. Hold your integrity. Keep the same date. Fuck the guys running ECC. They should’ve consulted with you first.

What do you mean they should’ve consulted me first? They posted their thread over 2 months ago.

I will change the date because it’s just common courtesy between tournament-runners that you don’t conflict dates.

Not to mention, I would like to finally go to The Break so I might go to ECC too. I also have people I would love to visit in NJ if possible, so this would be a good opportunity.

#1 The event has officially been moved to October 13th.

#2 I forgot that Arcana Heart should be out by then. So of course we will running a tourney for that too.

arcana is out oct 11th<3 cant wait

if i have the resources n im off for it i will come for a bunch of different games i play everything :slight_smile: just ask Hold Dat he knows:)

I’m so down. I’ma bring a TV, unmodded PS2, two pelican arcade cabinet controllers, a dreamcast, MvC2 and DC PROJECT JUSTICE.

w00t. We definitely need more TVs. Thanks.

Wait, I finally see what you mean. When they posted the thread back in July, they did not yet decide on the day of their event. They only recently decided to go for Oct 6th. More importantly, they decided Oct 6th AFTER I made the thread for my event on Oct 6th. Wow. You were right. I should not have changed my day. They’re the one’s who should’ve changed their day.

Well, it doesn’t matter now. I already changed my day so might as well leave it now.

Ah, christ! Looks like I’m not gonna be able to make it after all. I have to be at UDel for my friend’s 21st birthday party. Damn the ECC dudes! They definitely shoulda changed their date. I’d rather go to this one than ECC, but looks like fate has decided for me. Harsh.

Damn. Sorry man. Well, don’t worry. Castle Fight Night #5 will be next month. Probably either the 10th or 17th.

Minor change of schedule: The start time is now 3pm! You can come earlier if you want to play stuff in the arcade, but the consoles and TVs won’t start getting set up till about 2:30. Earlier if we’re lucky.

Jesus… apparently, his birthday is actually the 18th–the week after next, not next week. If I have to flip-flop on this again, I’m just gonna stay at home and pick my nose for the weekend. But, for now… see you guys at three next Saturday! I can still bring all the stuff I listed before.

Most likely coming to this with Zaelar again.

Cla, you need to let other people run the tournaments, your brackets are :looney:.

If I come you can expect CvS2 / MB / AH to go down for sure. I’ll see if I can bring ZTB with me.

Kenny, can we get a ride / housing again?

yeah chibi i can hook ya up with housing… can you bring a laptop with mb on it!! hopfully someone will have arcana by then…