Castle Fight Night #4 (Long Island, NY) Results


Castle Fight Night #4 - Long Island, NY - 10/13/07

Thanks to everyone for playing! Tons of people. Tons of games. Tons of fun. I don’t remember all of it… but here’s what I could find from the pieces of paper left over and the other threads:

[indent]Street Fighter III: Third Strike
Justin Wong
2nd: Joe C.
3rd: BorisArcana Hearts
Joe C.
3rd: Justin WongGuilty Gear: Accent Core
Justin Wong
2nd: Joe C.
3rd: KayinNasakiMelty Blood: Act Cadenza Ver. B
2nd: Master Chibi
3rd: ZaelarAkatsuki Blitzkampf
2nd: Zaelar
3rd:**Tekken: Dark Resurrection (Round Robin)
1st: Justin Wong
2nd: Christian & Kid Disaster
3rd: Gerr
Soul Calibur 2
1st:** Kid Disaster
2nd: Babylips (?)
3rd: TonrenSoul Calibur 3 (Round Robin)
1st: Kid Disaster
2nd: Ramon
3rd: Babylips (?)Capcom Vs SNK 2 (Round Robin)
1st: Justin Wong
2nd: Master Chibi
3rd: ZaelarSuper Smash Bros. Melee (Round Robin)
1st: Epic
**3rd:**Gutair Hero 2

3rd:[/indent]Please help fill in the blanks and alert me to any needed corrections. (even spelling of names) Also, post any pics or vids ya got.

I had fun running these. But I am moving to NJ (I’ll probably try to continue my events at The Break if possible) and I’m passing on the torch to IcyCool. Thanks to everyone for all help and support with my events. Have fun with the future Castle events!

John, I recommend the next tourney be either November 10th or 17th. (but it is yours now so do whenever you want of course) Let me know what you go for so I can put up a new flyer on the entrance door unless you want to make your own flyer.

By the way, if things go to current plan, I would leave Long Island on the 25th.(much thanks for Tonren for the help with the move) If possible, I’d love to do another event on the 24th before I go. But that it is on a Wednesday so I don’t expect it to be too big. Not sure if I will actually do this yet. Just an idea I’ll figure out later.


Good shit boris


Arcana Hearts was Joe, then ??? (no idea), then Justin.

Akatsuki was Zar, then Zaelar, then ??? I believe.


As usual me and boris had lots of fun, can’t wait to go again Any idea when the vids are gonna be up?


lots of fun playin you Vizard in akatsuki…half the time i was there i was playin you in that hahah


Guilty Gear was

1st. Wong
2nd. Joe
3rd. Kayin

I’ll take on the running off all weeaboo events next game if it all works out. Probably the more people we have running events, the better things would go. Good shit Eddie, we’ll make sure to keep it up.


Yeah dude those games were awesome can’t wait to play you again.
If you need any help getting to nec or need to room with someone let me know we got extra space for another person and be more then happy to help you out.


Justin won GG? Who the hell was there? :lol:


Apparently he was playing a bunch with Floe fomr Chicago. He was really quite good. Nothing super special or anything, technique wise… Just a solid, simple Baiken.

Then couple that with Wong’s really good (Godly) fighting game skills in general and it was really a tough opponent.