Castle Fight Night #8 - Long Island, New York - April 26 - 4/26/08

That’s right folks, it’s that time once again for everyone to venture out onto the island no one likes driving through! No, not Staten Island, Long Island!!!

Castle Golf
1878 Middle Country Rd
Centereach, NY 11720

(631) 471-1267

I would like to say that I’m really happy to see that Long Island is finally growing into a spot where people come from other places for the tournaments. Hopefully this one will be even bigger!

That being said, this event will be run quite differently than the rest. For those of you who don’t know, Castle Golf is an arcade/go-kart/mini-golf place which is normally only open from April through October. Some of you may be wondering, “Well, John, then how do you run tournaments during the winter?” It’s simple. Lance, the owner of Castle Golf, liked the idea of tournaments so much so that he let me run them during the winter, opening only for the Saturdays that there were tournaments.

Castle Golf’s fighting game tournaments started last summer, but weren’t nearly as large as they are now. It normally wasn’t an issue of running all tournaments at once in the one party area because there weren’t as many people. However, now that we’ve grown nearly tenfold, a change must be made. Here is how it’s going to happen:

There will be 6 games at this tournament, just like the last one. One of which, however, is still up for debate. Those 6 games are as follows:

[list]Guilty Gear: Accent Core -PlayStation 2- Run by Mike/KayinNasaki[/list]
[list]Melty Blood: Act Cadenza ver. B -PC- Run by Kevin/Zaelar[/list]
[list]Super Street Fighter II Turbo -Dreamcast- Run by me[/list]
[list]Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike -PlayStation 2- Run by me[/list]
[list]Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 -Xbox 360- Run by Phil/9.95[/list]
[list]Super Smash Bros. Brawl -Nintendo Wii- Run by Ryan F’N Mead[/list]

Venue fee will be $10 and tournament fees will be $5. If equipment is brought, $5 will be taken off of venue fee. You can no longer enter tournaments for free. I had complaints about pots becoming too small because too many people entered for free.

Arcana Heart people, please let me know if you’d like to have another tournament. I know that since AH2 will be out in Chinatown within the next couple of weeks, so I’m not sure if you guys would still want to have a tournament for AH1. PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!! If you don’t want a tournament, ST will be run in place of it.

Since Castle Golf will be open for business, we will be restricted to the one party area and the outside area. The outside area, weather permitting, will be used for casuals. No tournaments will be run outside due to the possibility of glare. Because of the one room restriction, 3 tournaments will be run at a time. Venue registration will be taken at the same time as tournament registration at the front counter by me. Mark is no longer involved with Castle Fight Night anymore. I will personally take registration money for both venue and tournament, compile a list of players in all games, and give the lists to the tournament runners so they can make the brackets.

The first 3 games will be as follows:

[list]Guilty Gear: Accent Core
[list]Being run by Mike/KayinNasaki[/list]
[list]If the turnout is the greatest out of the 3 tournaments being run at this time, 2 setups will be used[/list]
[list]Standard tournament rules apply[/list]
[list]Double elimination[/list]
[list]2/3 Winners and Losers Brackets, 3/5 Finals for both, 4/7 Grand Finals[/list]
[list]Prize structure will be 70/20/10[/list]

[list]Melty Blood: Act Cadenza ver. B
[list]Being run by Kevin/Zaelar[/list]
[list]Standard tournament rules apply[/list]
[list]Double elimination[/list]
[list]2/3 Winners and Losers Brackets, 3/5 Finals for both, and 3/5 Grand Finals[/list]
[list]Prize structure will be 70/20/10[/list]

[list]Super Street Fighter II Turbo
[list]Being run by SweetJohnnyCage/IcyCool/MEEEEEEEEEEE[/list]
[list]Standard tournament rules apply[/list]
[list]Speed - Free select turbo 3[/list]
[list]Gouki/Akuma is BANNED[/list]
[list]Double Elimination, 2/3 until Finals, 3/5 Finals, 4/7 Grand Finals [/list]
[list]Prize structure will be 70/20/10[/list]

Registration for the first 3 games will start at 12 NOON and the tournaments will begin shortly after 1pm.

Whichever tournament gets more registrants will have 2 setups to ensure that everything runs quickly. Once these tournaments are done, I will begin registration for the other tournaments for 1 hour. Tournaments will begin shortly thereafter. Since only 3 tournaments will be run, I can record one game’s Top 8 and burn it onto a DVD for whoever wants to make copies of it. You guys can even use my commentary setup if you wish, have a blast.

The other 3 games will be as follows:

[list]Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike

[list]Being run by SweetJohnnyCage/IcyCool/MEEEEEEEEEEE[/list]
[list]Standard tournament rules apply[/list]
[list]Two stations will be active during tournament, converting to a back to back setup for Top 8[/list]
[list]Double Elimination[/list]
[list]2/3 Winners and Losers Brackets, 3/5 Finals for both, 4/7 Grand Finals[/list]
[list]Top 8 will be recorded once again with commentary by Tinshi and whoever else wants to![/list]
[list]Prize structure will be 70/20/10[/list]

[list]Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3

[list]Being run by Phil/9.95[/list]
[list]PLEASE NOTE that unlike the previous UMK tournaments at Castle, there might be a $5 entry fee this time!!![/list]
[list]Standard tournament rules apply[/list]
[list]Double elimination[/list]
[list]2/3 Winners and Losers Brackets, 3/5 Finals for both, 4/7 Grand Finals[/list][/list]

[list]Super Smash Bros. Brawl

[list]Being run by Ryan “F’N” Mead[/list]
[list]3 Stock[/list]
[list]6 Minute Matches[/list]
[list]NO ITEMS[/list]
[list]The following stages will be used:
[list]Final Destination[/list]
[list]Yoshi’s Story[/list]
[list]Pokemon Stadium 1[/list]
[list]Lylat Cruise[/list]
[list]Delfino Plaza[/list][/list]
[list]1v1 - Double Eliminiation[/list]
[list]2/3 Winners and Losers Bracket, 3/5 Finals in both Winners and Losers, 4/7 Grand Finals[/list]
[list]Prize structure will be 70/20/10[/list]

Please be sure to show up for your tournaments when necessary, I can not stress the timing enough guys. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

This thread will be updated periodically, check back regularly for new information!!!

Hope you hobos are willing to get up for Guilty Gear.

Oh god we’re trusting Tinshi with the mic again?

Well obviously I’m going to be there, and I’ll see to it that the NJ crew shows up aswell. The last one was great, even though I was less than pleased with my performance in the video. My new policy is play a shit load for 2-3 days before all tournaments to get my execution up to par.

And what’s with Smash/MK over ST? :confused:

Edit: If you’re thinking about coming to this you should join #eastcoast3s on so we can talk about 3s while stroking each other.

I will try and be there again to support UMK3, had a great time last time and if I am I will definitely play in 3rd Strike again.

I’ll see about showing up.

Can’t promise anything at the moment tho.

UMK3 is there because the UMK3 guys are serious business who really go out of their way to support their scene and be nice and helpful for everyone. The free tournament to win a stick was pretty sweet.

bumming a ride w/ sergio he just doesnt know it yet

idk why st is up for debate i think it had a really good turnout last time looked better then the arcana turnout

Well I know some people complained about how ST was run, including you, so we’ll see. Can I get some response from the Arcana people here? Looks like we have 1 vote for ST so far.

Please note that I update the rules for GGAC, Melty Blood, Smash, 3S, and UMK!

See the thing is i can run ST again it’s just that my converters broke and I’m broke so i can’t buy anymore.

… Both of them? Ouch.

that sucks but i know the feelign well i burnt out 4 pelican converters allready and lost 1!!! but gots a new one that is pelican and hopfully doesnt have a life span on 2 wks hahah

p.s id probably play ah

But my car is a deathtrap whereas yours is, not so much.

only problem i had is that if 13 people enter then u should have plenty of money to pay out top 3 or at least top 2 after my match wit Joe i heard that it was winner take all joe walked over to justin n said i would of never enter knowing that so thats where the problem lies too much miscommunication

The fact is that if John didn’t give out those Coupons so that people didn’t have to pay entry fee for the tournament the pot would have been bigger (by at least 20$ cause like 4 people use those retarded coupons) then i could have done 70/20/10 payout.

I’d like to come to this, if I can get a ride from someone ;_;

Where do you live?


i remember saying that in your sig… only i dont remember as to what :rofl:


I’d most likely have to find someone to pick me up from the Ronkonkoma station if I take the train.

Because all those people would have entered without the coupon…