Castle Fight Night #8 - Long Island, New York - April 26 - 4/26/08

I never get tired of losing in games to the same people over and over so I will do my best to show up. Its all dependent on my work schedule. What do you say Walter? Can you find someone to pick us up at the ferry? Use those connections.

Oh and ST is godlike just never played on DC before the last tourney.

3s, ST, CvS2 is the action I’m lookin for. Just my 2 cents.

Matt if you and Walter are planning on going hit me up.

NO MARVEL?!? :mad:
Don’t fear me that much . . . :arazz:

wtf is up with 4/7? Get that shit out of here. We don’t need 2 hour grand finals for melty blood, and 1 hour for everything else.

nothing wrong with 4/7 at a local tourney. It doesnt really matter.

Since you generally run Melty, give me the rules you want to use, it’s your tournament.

i might be there just for 3S since im only good at that one. -_-
but how does it work? what you mean by double elimination and

2/3 Winners and Losers Brackets, 3/5 Finals for both, 4/7 Grand Finals
meaning win 2 rounds out of 3, 3 rounds out of total of 5, four rounds out of total of 7?

and what is the prize for the winner? :smiley:

Double Elim = You lose once, you get put in losers bracket; lose again, and you’re out of the tournament.

2/3 = best 2 out of 3 games (1 game being set to 2 rounds each usually), same for 3/5 etc.

Prizes are usually 70/20/10 format (1st place getting 70%, etc.)

Just get rid of the 4/7. The rest looks fine.

I added the prize structures to everything and modified the rules of Melty Blood as per Zaelar.

how do i get to this place by the way? i live all the way in parkchester in the bronx.

where is marvel? Syn you gotta go to run it!!

My sentiment exactly, but hopefully people have sack enough to face us this time:rofl:. What was there, 8 heads last time (U, me, Justin and Syn included)?

who is picking up me, emptyjump, lil kayin and tony b at the ferry?
shit seriously has to start at 1pm plz
F ST on DC just run arcana heart O Sagat feels is to buff on dc (dont listen to Justin he swears up and down by this version but he plays O Sagat)
If me and tony b go down(by ferry[pending we can be picked up and brought back to said ferry])thats 2 more for mvc2
If you want scrap ah and st tournies and run a vf5 tournament please :smiley:

lolz!!! just because vega aint godlike on DC, it aint my fault!!!

lol you see you admit to it!

dude!!!gimme a ride from cf, im dying 2 go, ill chip for gas john, idont care!!!

No Marvel love…

Sorry guys, it seems like this tourney is capped off with six games already (unless Icycool says otherwise). But even if it’s ok, I would only run marvel if: a) we get at least 8 ppl to enter, b) we are allowed to set our station inside, and c) have a marvel orgy all day like the previous tourney :woot:. Basically, If I head out there I want to get my venue fee/ time/ gas $ worth, yaknowwhatimsaying. Having a 5-man marvel tourney and then spend the rest of the day playing casuals outside just ain’t cool. I would rather have a tourney at my place… and I am holding one this Saturday :lovin:.

noones coming for / entering arcana heart

i promise

I think the 6 game cap comes from room limitations, the place is pretty small. Not in the cramped sort of way, but in the not having enough places to set up TVs sort of way.