Castle Fight Night #8 - Long Island, New York - April 26 - 4/26/08


HEY PEPS I can’t wait for this shit!! woot woot i suggest the brawl thing and no arcana no one will show up. Unless you count justin,noel,joe,chibi,zaelar, and xaq as the tournament? But in any case I can’t F ing wait SON let’s CASTLE GOLF BABY!!!

Kenny, if you’re reading this, I’d like to know about housing again, if that’s possible?

Chibi if your reading this no problem!! we missed your antics at the last one you better make it up and yell alot more at this event =3

i assume it will be kevin and ken?

should be

and yeah, i absolutely love coming up and hanging out with everyone so i look foward to it

I want my converter back :sad:
I’m probably gonna get it back all chewed up with dog drool all over it D:

Anyway, looking forward to hanging with you again :slight_smile:

i got stupid work on saturday, but ya I am obviously only going to the castle tourney if marvel is held. So hopefully your 3 requests are met. I can promise #3 :wgrin:

hahhah no its in good condition…my wolf definatly wanted to eat it though so you bettah watch out!!! looking forward seeing you guys!!!

I should be able to make this and I’ll be rolling through with the same people as last time.

Hopefully your dog doesnt decide to own up on my food again Kenny. :annoy:

If I knew how to make a fucking poll this would be a lot easier.

I’l definitely be there for brawl and I might enter 3s and st (if it’s being run) too bad I’m only proficient on 360 controller right now I really need to get good with stick quick lol.

I don’t know how long the tournaments will take but if possible i’d like to bring my wii and MM anyone willing to play, also is the brawl tourney with or without items?


i’ll try and make it to this though i will be using up alot of $. :shake:


Obviously I’ll be there running UMK3, participating in 3s, and my vote is for ST b/c I just prefer it, but I’d like to get called for my last match this time…LOL.

Vizard, I’ll bring both my DC converters again if you need them for the ST tourney.

hahah wow seems like my dog is top tier like dat bitch ciel. but that was fair game you left crossaint on the floor!!!
well be looking fpr those ciel hate matches!!! by the way who made you avatar i want a Zenia <3one?

<<<<<<<<<<<empty Jump ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^arrows^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

EDIT: We dropped 175 on the ferry last time so we could support this hotness. Someones gotta hook us up with some help so we can maximize attendance.
DOUBLE EDIT: Because we are poor.
TRIPLE EDIT: Bacardi steals.

ok then grab a converter their not that hard to find just go to ebay or somethin

hopefull all the good 3s players stay away so i could at least have a chance of winning =D ps2controllers allowed?

Yeah, they are.