Castle Fight Night #8 Results


Guilty Gear XX AC

  1. Marlinpoop
  2. Psych Iatrist
  3. New London’s own Shibuya

Melty Blood

  1. L.I. Joe (We will miss you when you leave for Iraq sir)
  2. Zaelar (Insert something funny here)
  3. Tinshi (was mad about something in his Melty Blood match but I don’t know shit about the game)

Super Turbo

  1. L.I. Joe (I can’t believe they are sending regular NY cops to Iraq)
  2. Kayin N (scored first in fat jokes made)
  3. …No fucking clue. Gonzales maybe?


  1. Don’t know
  2. Don’t care
  3. Gonzales maybe?

Third Strike and Brawl were still going on when I left, I have a feeling the rest will be posted. Thanks a lot to John and the rest of the guys that ran the shit and let us take up so much room and smell like shit. I am going to bring free deodorant for some of you fucks next time. Three dollar dippin’ dots are godlike. I think that covers it. Darren I’m gonna get you next time. Everyone who had fun come chat on IRC!!! #eastcoast3s on EFNet!!!

Looking forward to the top 8 vid. Let the comments commence.

Sorry I missed it guys :frowning:

Forgive me :frowning:

Video’s please of ggac!

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

You sir, are going to be disappointed. No vids. I believe Marlin used 6 different characters in the 7 game grand finals though. He and Therapist weren’t interested in having the match recorded, but loser’s finals between Therapist and Shibuya was far more interesting anyway…but that isn’t recorded either, so I’m not sure why I mentioned it.

assuming theres no technical difficulties (there may have been a couple) the top 8 3s is gonna be hype.

thanks to sweet icy cool johnny cage john carmack for runnin this shit!!

one day i shall overcome my ability to always lose to bob in tournies for no good reason at all. i seriously lose my mind and do retarded shit. waffles do that to a man.

uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the commentary should be cool, enjoy me being a loud asshole!!! and tinshi and quotes for ownin shit up. also tinshi commentating matches like they are fucking textbooks.

im tired, ggs to whoever i played.

top 8 was in an order roughly resembling their placement.
flare (ryu)
darren (gouki)
tinshi (oro)
joe (ken)
therapist (gouki)
marlinpie (ken)
bmoney (urien)
franky (ken, then arbitrarily picked remy in top 8)

kofiend and justin were noshows (watch the video to find out why!)

see you next time: where sergio gets maced in the face. for 25 dollars.

Empty Jump, you are a chill motherfucker and I look forward to playing more.

Damn that missed Ochio. DAMN YOU JOE! :frowning:

gud shit to lavaheart for pullin through to the end, lol, i wuz trying to counter match, what can i say? funny shit comin from tinshi and gud shit for makin it far… cant wait for the next one and trust me, ill b using remy the whole way through next time lol

That other tournament that happened, UMK3, top 3 for now, 10 players total:

  1. Shock
  2. Joe
  3. LI Maverick

How do you beat both Vic and Saiyd, but lose to Joe, Kevin?

What the fuck.

Good shit today, I did awful in the tournament but still had a blast. I can’t wait for the video to come out, there was some great commentary. I hope they caught all the shit Josh was saying during Tinshi vs Flare, it was gold. Make sure you upload the casuals too.

So my EMT and Nurse friends both say not to let you mace me, but I don’t know if I can pass up $25, and if it will get people to come to the next fight night, I’m down. I’m all about the community after all.

See you guys on IRC!

Edit: Oh yeah post up that video of me on the phone with my EMT friend, I bet it’s great when you can’t hear both ends of the conversation.

Wish I could’ve made it out.

Hopefully I can watch the next one.

And what’s this about Joe going to Iraq? That’s a joke, right? =(

Joe pressed C a lot. :frowning:

Tournament was awesome. Can’t wait to come to the next one, and hopefully miss less stuff in 3S.

Everybody be ready for the special event next CFN - Sergio gets maced!

Very Disappointed This is america, fuck peoples choices not to be recorded, if they dont want to be recorded playing shitty characters then play for real!

actually, i was fine with the recording.

in fact, i was waiting for the runner to setup the recording device when they told us to wait while they set that shit up. but the runner was like, “okay, nevermind. go ahead and play”

so we played.


Joe did wakeup 4c and it clashed with my not quite meaty activate for the win. So yeah, “Joe pressed C a lot.” pretty much covers it. Suicide never looked so good.

Tinshi was mad because Joe’s 2b clashed with his activate.

Best moment of the tournament;
“I love it when words appear on the screen.” – Kayin N.

Yea, I was about to set up because it was the end of GG which meant the beginning of 3S, but Mike told me to forget it because you guys just went ahead. Next time I’ll see what I can do about recording the whole Top 8 for you guys. My laptop was a little tied up with registration and 7 Smashers withdrawing. I’m definitely going to run it the same way with printing out brackets again. Shit was godlike.

Thanks to everybody who came out, it means a lot to me personally that you actually attend these events. I’m more than likely moving the venue next time because things were a little too cramped with everything. I’ve been looking into it, but I still have some more searching to do. Worst comes to worst, the next Castle event will be in June, but that will definitely be the last Castle Fight Night. I’ll start Long Island Fight Night somewhere in Nassau county instead of bumfuck Suffolk.

Special thanks to Kayin N, Zaelar, Ryan, Phil, and Vizard for running their respective tournaments. Definitely couldn’t have done it without you guys. We had 65 people at this event, making it the biggest yet. 39 entered Smash, but 7 withdrew. People said it was starting too late. Did my post not say that it wasn’t starting until after everything was done with the early afternoon tournaments? Smashers are weird. 27 entered 3rd Strike, 14 entered Guilty Gear, 8 entered Melty (Zaelar’s hustles are too godlike), 12 for ST, an 10 for Ultimate. Good shit to all, makes me very happy.

**The 3rd Strike Top 8 will be up within a week or two. Suggestions for the intro movie should go in this topic. **

Thanks so much guys!!!

UMMM i thought best moment was our 5 hour Hiatus at burger king…with our 3s tourn match right in BurgerKing!!! i think serveral people died at that match it was so serious

Thats 2nd best. It was the best at the time it happened though.