Castle Fight Night Lucky #7 - Long Island, NY - 3/8/08 - MUCHO UPDATES! CHECK POST #1

Castle Fight Night #7 is presented in part by the following sponsors:

Long Island 3rd Strike

Hey guys, John “SweetJohnnyCage” Gallagher here bringing you Castle Fight Night #7 here on Long Island. These tournaments have grown in leaps and bounds over the past 7 months, and my only hope is that they continue to grow. The Long Island community for fighting games is stronger than it has been in about 10 years, and I feel that as a team, we can do a lot more! This is why I continue to hold these tournaments, and this one is no exception. Here’s the lowdown for the next tournament.

Castle Golf
1878 Middle Country Rd
Centereach, NY 11720

(631) 471-1267

Event will be held on March 8, 2008. Casuals start at noon, tournaments start around 3 or 4pm.

There are faster ways of getting there, such as taking Sunrise Highway from the Southern State. The LIE tends to take too long because it just cuts straight(ish) down the middle of the Island, whereas the Southern and Sunrise cut diagonally a lot. I can give you directions depending on where you’re coming from.

For the past bunch of tournaments (everything prior to #6), everything was constrained to the one area that holds 3S, GGAC, Smash and usually one other game. However, during Fight Night #6, we expanded and moved a few other games into the main arcade area. I’m not sure why no one thought of this before, but mad props to Mark for thinking of it. Castle Golf’s owner, Lance, is a really cool and mellow guy and is really willing to help us out in any way possible, so I’m sure he wouldn’t mind moving around some machines to make room for other games.

The venue fee will be $10

At Fight Night #6, we had a really good turnout. A new game was added to the roster, Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, ran by Phil (9.95) from and it will stay there as a staple tournament from now on. Phil manages a trophy store, so there are plans already in the works for trophies or plaques for 3rd Strike, as well as UMK3 like last time. I feel like this bring a really unique approach to these local tournaments, although they’re getting bigger and bigger.

Here’s the list of games that will definitely be played at this tournament:

            [list]Street Fighter III: Third Strike -PS2-[/list]
            [list]Super Street Fighter II Turbo -Dreamcast-[/list]
	[list]Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection -PS3-[/list]
	[list]Guilty Gear XX Accent Core -PS2-[/list]
            [list]Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 -Xbox 360- (with at least 1 stick provided)[/list] 
	[list]Melty Blood -PC-[/list]
            [list]Arcana Heart -PS2-[/list]
	[list]Super Smash Bros. Melee -GameCube- (might be Brawl)[/list]
            [list]Marvel vs Capcom 2 -Dreamcast-[/list]
            [list]Virtua Fighter 5 -Xbox 360-[/list]

For those of you who haven’t been to a Castle Golf tournament before, here’s how it works. If you’d like to run a tournament for a game that isn’t on that list, all I need from you is $10 for venue. You can run a tournament for Super Mario Bros. 2 for all I care, as long as you pay the venue fee. However, if you plan on running a tournament, BRING THE NECESSARY EQUIPMENT, INCLUDING TV, SYSTEM, AND GAME(S). Although we really don’t have the problem of “people coming to an event expecting there to be a tournament but there isn’t because no one brought anything” anymore, I still have to stress this point.

I will be taking Mike (KayinNasaki)'s suggestion of making up a “Free Tournament” coupon. For each piece of equipment you bring THAT WE USE, you will recieve a coupon redeemable for entry to one (1) tournament. If, however, we don’t use your equipment, then you don’t get a coupon and you don’t get into a tournament for free. This is to clear up any confusion and also to prevent people from entering tournaments for free when they should be paying.

** =========== Product Demo!!! ===========**

[list] Along with the UMK stick being given away to the first place winner (see the UMK3 rules for more information), will be providing an Street Fighter Stick for PS2 for demonstration use! This way, everyone can test out the stick before they buy![/list]

Ultimate MK3 Custom Arcade Stick
Custom Street Fighter Stick

All tournament information will be available within the coming days (posted 2/15/08)

** =====Street Fighter III 3rd Strike -PS2- =========**

[list]$5 entry, unless coupon is presented[/list]
[list]Double Elimination, 2/3 until Finals, 3/5 Finals, 4/7 Grand Finals[/list]
[list]2 stations will be set up to make the tournament move more smootly and quicky[/list]
[list]Top 8 will be played in an SBO style setup with 2 TVs and will be recorded with commentary by myself and a few other people[/list]
[list]Prize Split will be 70/20/10[/list]
[list]Run by myself (John/SweetJohnnyCage/IcyCool)[/list]

** =====Super Street Fighter II Turbo -Dreamcast-====**

[list]$5 entry, unless coupon is presented[/list]
[list]Double Elimination, 2/3 until Finals, 3/5 Finals, 4/7 Grand Finals [/list]
[list]Speed - Free select turbo 3[/list]
[list]Gouki/Akuma is BANNED[/list]
[list]Versus Mode will be used, not arcade[/list]
[list]Winner Picks Stage[/list]
[list]Run by Sean/Vizard[/list]

** =====Guilty Gear XX Accent Core -PS2- ==========**

[list]$5 entry, unless coupon is presented[/list]
[list]Double Elimination, 2/3 until Finals, 3/5 Finals[/list]
[list]Prize Split will be 70/20/10 if pot goes over 50. If under 50, Winner Takes All[/list]
[list]Run by Mike/KayinNasaki[/list]

** =====Ultimate MK3 -Xbox 360- ================**

[list] Sponsored by[/list]
[list]First place winner will receive an Xbox 360 Solo Controller Arcade Stick with the MK Layout from Arcade-In-A-Box. The stick will feature the Dragon as well as the MK dragon on the decal![/list]
[list]Depending on the amount of people present for the tournament, the tournament will run in two different ways. If there are enough people, a standard tournament bracket will be used and standard tournament rules will apply. If fewer people show, a Round Robin tournament will be held[/list]
[list] Run by Phil/9.95[/list]

Ultimate MK3 Custom Arcade Stick

As I said before, I will consult with the other tournament coordinators for their rulesets. I encourage all suggestions from anyone, veteran Castle players and newcomers alike. The last Castle Fight Night had a turnout of 50+ people, 28 entering 3rd Strike. I’d really like to shatter that this time guys!

You can contact me through AIM, e-mail, or through my website (Long Island 3rd Strike).

AIM: SweetJohnnyCage

Pictures from Castle Fight Night #6

No love for ST? Playing Hyper on the Ultracade was nice but those sticks were ass.

Also, as long as this isnt too close to FRXI, i’m down.

I may go to make up for my unintended no-show at the last one.

I’d be up to at least trying to play some ST casuals if we can find some thing to run it on and ahve the space.


We can do some ST casuals on my modded xbox. I have most cps-1 and cps-2 games emulated through Final Burn Alpha XXX.

We actually had a couple of TVs that we didn’t wind up using in Ryan’s car, so if we have them left over again, I’ll set up an ST station and you guys can run a tournament or just do casuals if you’d like. Shit, I’d even play some.

Hey guys, 9.95(Phil) here.

All the guys who played UMK3 had a great time and thought it was a great venue. I’ll have pics and video of the UMK3 tourney ready soon. I’m not sure if Shock is going to post them directly on or if I’ll have to host them somewhere, but I’ll get them ready ASAP. I’m more than positive that we’ve started something here with UMK3 and I know people over on are talking about it already and we’re getting very positive feedback on it, so thank you for giving us the opportunity to make Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 a big game on Long Island again. I’m hoping we can get an even bigger turnout for UMK3 at Lucky#7.

I’m hoping that after seeing the amazing finals between Joe and Frankie that we’re beginning to change the way people think and feel about the competativeness and depth of UMK3. I’m hoping people start thinking about learning this game all over again and I urge everyone to check out and it’s forums…and to read Shock’s guides and really learn this game. It’s an amazing game with depth far greater than alot of people think.

I have no interest my self in playing UMK3 (just don’t got room to learn more games), but I thnk it’s really cool to see so many people come by to play it. You guys also had some pretty wicked setups. That had to be the biggest stick I ever seen. Though I think I’m going to read those guides just so I can follow it better.

As for the Smash players, usually I defend smash, but I heard some comments that urked me. Like bitching about having less TVs and dissing under games to try and justify it. Bitches need to bring their OWN TVs just like the rest of us. So whoever posts on Smash Boards, be sure to tell them that.

Granted it was probably just 1 or 2 guys out of… a lot. But mouthing off just makes the community look worse then it already does.

i promise i will come for 3s, MVC2, UMK3 if u add ST in their im with gunflame on this ST needs lil love

Very cool… def make sure you sign up on and talk w/the rest of us about UMK3 and other MK games. There’s alot of great people there, and I know Shock posts here as well.

You shoulda seen the Smash player that came up to me and XAQ during our Arcana match like “yo is that tourney we need the tv”. gtfo, you had more setups than any other game :V.

Normally I wouldnt care to say shit, but what irked me was that it wasnt said player’s tv.

haha yea man that was a hueg wtf moment.

  1. I wasn’t a Smash player
  2. I’m aware it wasn’t my TV
  3. Our second TV was dying
  4. I asked politely, so chill out.

Well I know it wasnt’ you that I heard. But whatever. Whoever posts on smash boards REALLY needs to stress this point. If you want two TVs, make sure people BRING TVs.

you guys shoulda told me i would headbutted them something feirce because thats what i do!!!

and i definately woudl play ST … Balrog get paid!!!

I’m gonna try running a VF5 tourney at this one. Hopefully I can find enough poeple who’d sign up for it so I can make it happen. Also, I wanna see a cvs2 tourney at this one! But I’m not runnin it lol …

I’d provide a ps2 and the game though so hit me up if anyone is thinkin of runnin a cvs2 tourney

weeee looking foward to this

hooway hooway

I dont remember said person being you, unless i’m confusing nicks with faces again. If i am, I apologize.

Despite the fact that I play Smash, I utterly hate that game and “most” of its community. Which is why i dont care for the players and their needs, they’ve more then helped screw over tournies for us down here.

Once again i reiterate though, i dont think it was you, but if it was i apologize.

Maybe I’ll enter VF if I practice. Will it be on 360 or PS3?

Buri, no problems mate. Maybe I’ll register on Smash Boards or whatever their forum is and stress the point that they need to take their mommy and daddy’s TVs for a few hours. They ain’t getting any of my shit I know thats for sure. Apparently someone spilled a soda on a GameCube. Too much bro-ing out and Jack Johnson rofl.

please try to solidify the date so I can post this on the vf forums and the ec vf thread to gain interest for it since march is enough time so ppl can plan


lemme know if you need systems or tvs to run said tourney to be able to assist you