Castro Valley/Hayward area SF4, UMVC3, SFXT

I’m looking for people around the Castro Valley/Hayward area. I’m practicing sfxt for evo with a friend and we’re looking for some offline matches to get better. SF4 and UMVC3 would be fun as well.

I’m from hayward. I only play UMVC though so if you guys are down to play that I am. I’m pretty bad though! lol.

Well the purpose would be for everyone to get better. I was looking more for a group of people who play all the games, but thank you for your post

:lol: If there is a place open for some sessions in that area or union city/Fremont I’m down just let me know. Only days for sure I can not make it though are friday evenings :cool:

Cool, ya im looking for a group as well. I heard about a place in union city but i think they closed down

Probably thinking about Etrium, they closed a long time ago. There used to be sessions in Hayward but AFAIK they stopped. I’m in Fremont and would be down to get some offline AE in sometimes if anything comes up. There hasn’t been much on here for this area since last EVO though.

Hi im also looking for a group around here. i live in hayward and i play AE umvc and sfxt. anyone wanna play sometime?

I’m down but I only play umvc3 :frowning: let me know if you wanna practice some time.

im trying to get better at umvc so im definately down to play, right now ive been only playing with my friend who just got into it. do you play on xbox or ps3?

awesome, sounds good. Is your friend from around the area too? I have the game for 360 but I have a ps3 as well (no ps3 copy of marvel though). I also have two dual modded sticks so you’re welcome to use one. Where around Hayward are you? PM me and let’s set something up!

My place is defiantly always open for sessions. My friends and I try to throw down 2 or 3 times a week. Check out my thread for my upcoming meet.

That place looks really nice, is it open all the time? Do you do weeklys?

Its not a business, its my personal collection. I worked at an arcade for years and became a very proficient arcade tech, now i restore repair and deal in arcades. I love fighting games so I have ammased quite a few cabs and pcb’s for my personal collection over the years.

O, ok. How often is the arcade available for people to come in and play?

Whatsup guys. I read through this forum and i just wanna say that i wanna get in on this action! Lol no but I live in Hayward myself. I used to session with some friends of mine but havent in a while. Looking to get back into it and get some offline matches. I’m game. Who should i contact for the info on where to meet up at and do this?

You should come through my meet on saturday it’s looking like there are gonna be a ton of people so it would probably be a good way for you to meet other locals. A link to the date time and location is n my last post in this thread. I hope to see you all there this saturday

I live in north Hayward is there any thing goin down…I’m not that great of a player but I will get down on anything…getting tired of just playing online

check out these threads:

i recommend checking out fight night, its a pretty chill place to play at.

I just moved to Hayward recently if anyone is down for Marvel or TTT2. I play a handfull of other fighters as well: SSF4AE, SSBM, Skullgirls.

PM me or email me at if any of you wanna play sometime.

Nice to finally see new blood coming out from the 510…been here since vanilla so it’d be nice to play the new faces in some AE but before all that u guys NEED to check this out n come out to the tournaments around here more often! We have a new REGIONAL Tournament that we’re having qualifiers for and the East Bay one is going down on the 28th of this Month! NorCal Battle Royale 3v3 Regional Teams SSFIV:AE 2012 Tournament