Casual Cartel (South San Diego)


Well Cartel here is our thread so when ever we want to kick it (Denny’s, house or mall) post up and we will reunite for good times.


… Do you guys really need two threads?


fuck it. Edgar, start up another one! lol

(jk btw)



sup, get back to you guys later


A third Casual Cartel thead coming right up.
So who would be up for some games at plaza or chula tomorrow?


Hey rob where you at havent seen any posts from you in a wile, we should catch some games soon, see how your stick skills are coming along (no homo). Mission valley anyone?


Hey, I just randomly came in here. What’s the story on the “Casual Cartel” :lol:


CC is the greatest thing known to man. according to legend, the CC are at one with nature and nature is at one with them. they are both day and night, happiness and sadness. they are everywhere and nowhere. pocess knowledge that knows no bounds. the meaning of life and the answer to the question “why?”. they know precisely how many licks it takes to get the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop, how to get to sesame street, and the yellow brick road is their drive way. and finally, when we wake up…we piss excellence.

CC is kinda like that :cool:


^^^ Say it loud!!!

Also we hang out and play marvel.:wtf:


This is going to be my new signature!

fuck its to long it wont let me.


hope its not too long to fit

(thats what she said) lol


all that and a bag of chips !!! might have a casual at my place this sat… you niggah’s in ???


wonder if im invited :confused:


yo you know im down, but my stick aint working anymore :sad:
(no homo)


i can bring my tools and see what happens :confused:


No time for marvel lately… Lets get some games in on monday since it’s a holiday. My stick skillz are still in training mode.:sad:


of course your NOT invited !!! but still i think i might have it around 3 or 4 … till whenever … so yeah just post up … frankie you still remember how to get to my pad ??? umm and yeah imma need a dc since i dont have mine atm … unless i get a star apperence from fernando then ill have one … but yeah ill try to have 3 tv’s again … one for 3s marvel and cvs2 … so yeah niggs … have a good day … and ill prob be at chula today for 45 mins … dont kno at what time but yeah work is a bitch =/


i heard original da is the the reason why everyone uses Feng in the westcoast.


Yea i remember how to get there still. I can bring my dc also.

Rob how is the stick? You might want to look into getting a harder spring if the stick is too loose.


Koo Koo casuals on saturday sounds awesome. I’ll take my DC and if anyone wants me to take something else (any games or ps2, converter, want a copy of something) let me know. I’ll also take my laptop in case some of you peeps want to play some marvel 1 or XvS on mame. Peace out and later :tup: