Casual Cartel (South San Diego)


[LEFT]I should be at Frubble before 7. But as soon as I get there I will take sign ups. [/LEFT]
[LEFT]Top 8 from the last BSL tourney will be seeded from each other this tourney. Trying to start tourney at 7:30 so get there before that. Tell your friends about it, bring them, or tell them to go. Tourney fee for both games will be $5.00 since where not paying a venue fee, it makes the pot bigger, and I think people take the game a little more serious when more money is on the line.[/LEFT]

[LEFT]If you can bring ps3 set ups it will help out a lot. 3 set ups for each game will be more than enough not counting the stream station. [/LEFT]

[LEFT]Before you leave or if you have a smart phone make sure you post up the Box’s stream link to let the people know and to get those views.

Thanks and see you all tonight
make sure you bring ps3 sticks to[/LEFT]


So were any of you at Frubble for SFxT? I was the spikey haired, brown skinned, 5’4" ~ 5’5" asian kid wearing a silver colored woven button up shirt with black Levi skinny jeans and Chucks playing BlazBlue. :rofl:


Casuals tonight @ T.T.F.
Set ups always needed
More info @ the link below


wake up fighting game community of San Diego
Tonight @ B.S.L., Super Street Fighter AE 2012 and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
Come out and support the scene, if you see this and play fighting games make it out to Frubble tonight for tonight’s tourney. Bring your friends, your crew, your set, whatever, just come out and play and SUPPORT!!!

Frubble : 9628 Calton Hills Boulevard, Santee, CA. 92071


forget all i said last post
it was changed to 2v2 for sfxt



(^been a while since i’ve used/seen that :wonder:)


^^^ looks like finals are over with


well than lets get some casuals tomorrow. you wanna come over here or me to go over there?


Ill be down… anytime after 10pm lol since thats when ill be off.


who ever reads this post is awesome :tup:

p.s. evo was good times as always, my dudes.



who says you need to pay 10 bucks just to watch finals…


… BOOO!!!





I’m coming for that Thor’s Hammer trophy.

That is all.


Hey, so you guys going to evo this year?




Most likely, yes.






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