Casual elena game on video

this is an elena video i found of a casual game at some lan party. the same person won against a makoto before this but i lost the link. he uses rhino horn a lot.

Yeah, that Dudley is really bad (at punishing Elena?) so he easily whores out rhino horn and whatever you call the spinning overhead. They’re both such easy parries, that Dudley just needs to learn how to block low, and then parry twice when he sees that wheel coming… it’s not like the Elena player used throws really, he should’ve just blocked more. :lol:

The worst thing is that most characters (perhaps not Dudley?) can crouch under Rhino Horn, and you can very easily hit Elena out of Malley Smash.

that shit was pretty weak.

I’ll pass.

i feel that ive come along way now with my elena… especially after watching that