Casual Gamer looking for fightstick help?

I just bought mvc3 on the ps3 for my boyfriend and he’s been playing it for the past few weeks. I like to play, I am super awful at the game, but i’ve managed to learn a few combos with some characters.
Anyway, I’ve begun to notice that the dualshock controllers suck for fighting games in general and now I want to get myself a fight stick.
I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations on what I should get and where I can get it at? I don’t really wanna spend too much since I don’t play religiously so my budget is around $50 ($60 max). I’d want it to be compatible with the PS3 but my boyfriend also has sf4 on the 360. is it possible to get an okay/good fightstick compatible for both PS3 and 360 for around $50? I apologize if i sound like a noob but I am. :[
I know I’m asking for a lot but thanks for all the help! :]

The MadCatz Standard Edition stick sounds perfect for you, you can sometimes find them at Gamestop still. The internet is flooded with them. Try ebay, amazon etc etc.

the madcatz se goes for quite a lot on ebay these days. most are around 80 from what i’ve seen :[

now is probably a bad time to look for a arcade stick because of MVC3. everyone wants one and theres not enough to go around. like everyone said the Madcatz SE Fightstick would be your thing.

if you want something for just casual stuff, you can always go for a hori FS3. it goes for pretty cheap on amazon nowadays

edit: nvm that’s been hit with the marvel craze too

try going for a tekken 6 wireless bundle. You should be okay with that

Call your local Best Buy’s (assuming they’re around your area) to see if they have the Tekken 6 limited edition bundles still. It’s on clearance & if you’re lucky enough to find it locally then it’s around $30 but won’t be compatible with both ps3 & xBox 360 so you’re going to have to choose which one you want more (I’m assuming ps3). Good luck!

Joytron Paewang Revolution

This is works for both 360/ps3. Around your budget ( slightly over with shipping).

But, hard to find dual capable for a better price.


dual capable is of more importance in your case, since you’re not looking to spend too much. button/sticks are okay on it, but if you plan to upgrade buttons/stick you may run into a wall. its doable, but time consuming

you could always do an SE (which you can find for 20-50), dual mod ($40+), annd new buttons/joytick($40)
which all end up costing about as much as a TE/HRAP.