Casual get together Renton

My friend and I aren’t hardcore players but would like to get a lot better. Playing just 3 (same) people every Friday isn’t helping any. We get together every Friday around 9PM in Renton so if you’re interested let me know.

It is unfortunate to hear about the incident on Seattleversus. It’s tough for someone to be open and trusting to let strangers in your house but I trust people will show the same respect when invited. Don’t expect a challenge or anything…it’s just that we would like to learn a little more and have fun at the same time.

We got one Tekken fan and a semi SF player so we can play both if interested. Please no wanna be gangsters or loud rude mofos. If you want to drink you can bring your own.


Seems as though I can’t send you PM yet. We have a hardcore tekken player and 2 old schoolers (my friend and I) that play SF. All we have running here is Tekken DR and SF IV. If you’re interested you can swing by tomorrow. I haven’t played for over a week so it would be nice to play someone.

I’m available after 5pm so PM if you want to meet up.

We’ve got a few cats out in that area, hopefully they can roll to your spot!

P.S. It’s awesome you guys want to play SFIV seriously!

Thanks, after watching some players we thought we can learn a few things and step up our game. Hopefully we can get some cool ppl to get together and play.

Sounds tight, I’m sometimes in the area to kick it with my friend who lives down in Maple Valley…also plays, so maybe we’ll hit you up some friday ++

Iori, next time I have a gathering be sure to come out! I live in Kent. Sorry I can’t make this session, I’ll be at a farewell party. Good stuff though!

Anytime guys, the doors are open to those who would like to come over. Just give me a heads up before hand.

I live in Renton i’ll add you guys as friends so we can maybe do some matches. G/f keeps hatin when i try to play lol.

Yeah man, I feel you. My wife hates it when I start playing SF…anyways, let me know if you want to hook up for a quick match.

sup jin. i don’t know why i didn’t think about SRK before. good thing there’re people interested. i’ll see you tomorrow, hopefully there’ll be some people coming too. we’re no pros but we don’t suck, lol. you’ll have fun, i promise.

Since i got this game about 3 weeks ago i just got into G2 Rank on champion mode and see a few familiar names. During weeknights i play til i sleep but rarely on weekends since g/f is around. So my focus is on hers lol. But yea, it’s good to see locals playing :slight_smile:

haha smart move on me huh hyung? Yup, we’ll see you tomorrow same time and same place. You kiddin me right? We suck so don’t worry guys hahaha

You need to FADC out the door and come over to play. J/K, don’t upset your loved ones because they will remove your privilage to do anything especially playing IV :china:.

Nice quote. :rofl:

Actually what time is this session till? Just asking because most of our sessions usually go on all night.

I have a thing to go to that should end maybe around midnight or so. I was wondering if I could stop by at around that time.

We usually play until 2~3am because we have to get up on Saturday morning but yeah, shouldn’t be a problem.

Iori, are you Korean? jw

I can’t show up this week but I may be interested in next.

Yes, my friend and I are all Korean. Swing by when you can vagrant.

Get your girls to play! There’s been talks of an all girl sf tournament, but we are lacking numbers (so far just mor, miss fae fae, and the girl that was asking about girl gamers play). We get a few more we could get an all girl round robin or something. Have them break the stereotype that girls don’t play games (cause we know they do they just don’t admit it). Maybe I’ll swing by, I’ll have to keep my loud mouth in check though.

No go for this friday for me, maybe I’ll be able to carpool with some cats next time!

Hopefully you guys won’t be too popular for a Seth player. :smiley: