Casual here,do i have to learn linking?

or i can depend on 2 hits +EX-MOVE

Depends on how good you want to be I guess? If you want to step your game up and attend tourneys and shit that certainly won’t fly. Another thing linking will do for you is make hitconfirming a helluva lot easier.

no tourneys all i want just to win a single match online

I suppose you could get away with doing just basic cancels and chains if you just want to muck about online, but you wouldn’t be maximizing your damage potential, which obviously makes winning easier.

I HIGHLY suggest you take sometime to learn at least one or two basic, simple links for your character(s) of choice. Once you start to get the hang of the timing, you’ll find yourself asking why you found it so hard before.

At least, I did once it clicked.

Yeah, being able to combo something weak like a light punch into something strong like a special move will mean you’re damage output will massively increase. If you’re thinking about looking into the game a little the most helpful tutorial I’ve ever seen is Vesper Arcade’s SSFIV videos, they’re really fantastic as they cover everything from the most basic stuff and up.

If you watch his vids and sit in the training room and try things at the same time you’ll start to get a better hold on how the engine works and what is possible and what you should work on.

Yes you need to less you endure the wrath of the DP mashers who flood online. Tell Ryu I said hi when or if you get mashed into his ultra.

No. Unless you play a character that has less dependence on links.
T-Hawk, Honda, Blanka, Dhalsim come to mind. Even these have very useful links. But I wouldn’t restrict yourself…

Links aren’t difficult to learn, and many characters have easy links that are 2 or more frames to land. Even online; because it’s all about rhythm timing rather than input delay. Roll with the character(s) you enjoy playing and learn their basic bread and butter, as well as a high-damage punish.

And learn to block and anti-air. Vesper tutorials mentioned above are very useful for the beginner like yourself.

I can’t do links but I didn’t let that stop me

Some characters rely heavily on their links to to decent damage. If you play a shoto links aren’t crucial, but at least learn a srk - FADC - ultra combo. If you play either Gief or T.Hawk links aren’t terribly important. If you play Fei Long, links are very important.

Start by practicing 2 combos that contain a 3-frame link. Once you can do that reliably you can branch off into some harder 1 or 2-frame links if you’re feeling spunky.

you should just learn and practice it anyway man, why limit yourself? you should get all the basics down and then from there determine if you want to take it more seriously.