Casual Knockdowns at Next Level Videogames -South NJ- March 4th


Hey guys, I know that this is a really late posting, but I kind of just thought of it when offered by my friend to run his shop for the day tomorrow. So I figured, why the hell not make an event out of it. So here is whats up.

Totally casuals, all day tomorrow, from 11 am to 8pm
Next Level Videogames

1031 Little Gloucester Rd.
Blackwood NJ 08012
Fee: Nothing, just ready to press buttons.

We have two Neo-Geo cabs, both will be turned on and on free play with Garou, KOF 98, MD3 and other games.

We have two TVs in the store, one with a 360 and just about every popular last gen system and on hooked up, and a free one up from that we can put what ever on. So if you want to bring your setup, feel free.

Proposed games: What ever!
We are in a friggin video game store. I would hope it would include fighters, but guess what? The store is a shop that specializes in classic plastic, so if you want to lay it down in some head to head Goldeneye, lets do it, my day is free. But yeah, as fighters go, we have access to just about any system, bring yours if you have something specific, since we may not have it. However, we have a lot, so don’t be afraid to try something else out. The standard will be SF4 or MBAA. I am done with SF4 seriously, but need to unlock characters on the 360, and have picked up MBAA for the time being.

If ya want to play TvC, bring a Wii. If you want to play on a PS3, I’ll bring mine. And like I said, we have old systems, you want to play on a Dreamcast? No problem. Playstation? We cool. SNES or Genesis? Yeah. Atari 2600? You know it.

So what ever, let me know whats up. I will be there from open to close, and have access to the internet and can keep this updated. Sorry about the short notice, just trying to make something of this. I will keep these running if given more chances, hopefully ahead of time. So if you are off from school/work, or have some free time, stop by!



if i had a car i be down to go to this till :frowning:


Word. Next time I will be able to do pickups from Lindenwold.

I am at the store now, everything is on and ready. If you come by, cool. If no one comes by, cool. I have some friends stopping by and we’ll be playing either way, and I know not to expect much of anything due to the time of the announcement. So really, if you only have a half and hour and want to get some rounds in, say so, and we’ll keep you on the system.

I’ll hold another one of these some Saturday in the near future with proper heads up.


Daaamn the one week I’m out of town! This is great though I’ve been wishing for something like this since I found out about that place. I HIGHLY encourage you to hold something like this again. If you want to coordinate sometime I could bring a LCD/360 setup with BB/SF4.

Also I got a copy of MBAA so I’m lookng to play some ppl on that sometime.

Definitely try to hold more of these. You could probably post fliers at all the gamestops around.


Man, I haven’t been over to NLV in years…I normally would’ve seen this thread, but I’ve had midterms this week, so I haven’t really been looking at the forums

Let me know next time you do something like this, or if you ever feel like playing at all anyway…I’m less than 10 mins away from Blackwood