Casual Match Vids




Me and G$$ playing while he was visiting. I was 2p, comments welcome.

Sorry about the lack of sound, I still haven’t gotten that part to work right yet.

wow that G-$$$ fool should stick to MVC2 and ST, watching him play cvs2 is like watching a dude fly fishing for trout

hahaha your guys’s blanka so crazy.

This is josh right? Sup dude, you’ve really improved your game alot since last year. Going to the tilt tournament on sat? I know blanka has a beastly jump, but stop using it so much.

Hoping to be there, I should have the car tomorrow. Car sharing sucks, but at least my roommates work weekends so the car’s usually mine. Thx for the input, yeah i got really jump happy but he wasn’t AAing so i went crazy with the jumping.