Casual MvC3 in the East Bay/Richmond/El Sobrante/Pinole/El Cerritto (510)


Looking for people to play irl from the east bay in Marvel 3, preferably PS3, I couldn’t find a 510 thread, might of over looked it though.


check mine out. im having people over in an hour if you wanna come to alameda for casuals


Interestingly, I’m from El Cerrito, but my mainstay is Freedemonia over in San Francisco (we’re all showing up to NCR tomorrow, actually); feel free to hit us up whenever you can as new people are always welcomed.


I’m not ready for NorCal reigonals yet, lol. Alameda is kind of far, but maybe another time, I was hoping I could meet up with people who have a PS3 because I play on pad.


lol alameda is east bay man. but yeah if you’re closer to like richmond i could see that being a little far. im trying to get a solid group together. there are guys on my thread talking about coming and they have a good range of characters to play with. whos your team?


Chrisis has sessions Fridays, you can come message him and ask. Well of course not today.


I think I’m decent, but I have a lot of growing to do. My main team is Task/Skrull/Tron My Skrull is my main character, and I impress a lot of people with him because most people aren’t familiar with the match up but I’m by no means fantastic. Who’s your team? Alameda is about 30+ minutes away from where I live, but if I could some how play on a playstation controller, I would most defiantly give it a shot. I kind of regret not learning on stick, might make the transtition, but my execution I feel is pretty strong and I don’t have any problems for now.

If anybody else is interested or whatever, hit me up via PM, I really want to get good. This is my first traditional fighter, although I played Smash and some TvC.


i use wolvy/dante/sent. you should really learn stick. i started playing sf4 seriously and loved using pad and never really got good using stick on sf but its really easy to learn on mvc. its just the qcf moves and the dp moves that are hard to get used to. plus you cant always assume people have a ps3 and a controller haha


There are enough good players that play pad, the general consensus is that it’s a matter of preferences. I’ve seen Combofiend lose against a pad player. If I had a stick, not only would i have to shell out 150 bucks, but I would have to lug it around everytime I wanted to play. If I went to a place and ended up playing without expecting it, I wouldn’t have my stick. Both of those problems are eliminated with a pad. I am thinking about it though, haven’t decided.


For the lawlz, lately, I’ve been practicing playing games on pad and then going to SFSU to play them on stick.

This only works for 4-button games, however.

That said, yeah, actually, pad is a significantly less expensive investment and there are some times where I wish I just stuck to it.


No the Qanba is an excellent, I MEAN EXCELLENT piece of hardware. I say just swap out the PCB and youre set.

Honor, I suggest buying a 360 fightpad and bring a ps1/2 DS controller with a ps2>ps3 converter so that’s all you need. Especially if you play poverty games like we do. KOF all day and melty.


I seem to have forgotten that I own a Qanba.


When I’m not hanging out with the scene, I often go to El Cerrito to kick it with my college friends. I’ll check in with this thread from time to time.


Cool, I really want to meet some more people in my area without driving out too far.


I’m down to check this out. I have bjj practice in el cerrito so I’m in the area on certain days


What console do you play Batmanuel? What team?


:lol: When and where are these sessions? :cool:


I have an xbox setup I could bring with 2 controllers. My team is Modok/Deadpool/Iron Man or Magneto/Modok/Iron Man


I don’t know, I was wondering if a couple people just wanted to chill and play casuals at someone’s house, nothing big though, bummer though because everyone in the Easy Bay apparently hates me and doesn’t play PS3… cool that you have a MODOK team.


I think you should hitch a ride with Zaku and come out to the SFSU sessions on saturdays. We all play casuals and have plenty of ps3 setups.