Casual or Tournament?

When do you feel you are at your best?

For me I see casual play as a time to test myself and my strategies, but tournament play seems to be my comfort zone. Tournament play forces me to execute properly. My first tourny was a nervous one, but since the years past I feel that tournament play is when I’m at my best. I guess it’s the adrenaline rush. The satisfaction I recieve with every win. Or maybe it’s the bragging rights or sense of pride recieved.

But I’ve noticed that some people to this day still get nervous come show time. You always here " I was beasting in casuals, but then I got peaced out by insert random team/character".

So to get an idea of how many people this happens too, I ask this question.

Unless I get nervous (in which case, I’m done for), I play a lot better in tournaments.

In casuals I just can’t get focused and I look for flashiness, often resulting in stupid losses.

well, my real best comes when I have casual matches against someone I really want to beat up, so that I’m 100% focused AND I don’t have tournament pressure on me. But since that wasn’t a pool option…

I get incredibly nervous during tournies, since I’ve only been to one. So I’m pretty inexperienced. I usually do much better during casuals.

I use to get nervous during tournaments… but it’s wierd. My first tournaments where I entered a game I really didn’t care much about, and just wanted to see how I’d do, I didn’t get nervous at all. But when I entered the first tournament I exspected to win I choked and did horrible.

I also notice that I get extremly lazy during casual play. I try to get by with just lazy execution. Randomly I’d go for flash which requires more effort but thats rare.

In tournies I always play smart, always focus on my execution and always play to win. My better showings seem to be my tourny matches.

I’m more relxed during casual play, allowing me to focus more and get my shit right.


It’s not that I get nervous during a tournament, I just have an easier time getting into the “Groove” when playing casual matches.

People can get nervous in casual too though.

I remember my first time playing against Sanford kelly, everyone was watching and someone opted to film it… I knew I was gonna get beasted and I tensed up a bit. It was a casual match but the reason why I got nearvous was because I didn’t want to lose badly on film.

…but I did. It wasn’t even funny.

Being relaxed is why i don’t do my best in casual.

When it comes to tourneys i like it sometimes when there’s a little pressure, cause then i think about everything i do, about what the opponent might do and whatnot. I am definitely a tourney player, however the first few tourneys i entered were horrible.

During Casual :tup:

I suck at console tournies and I’ve play my best on the arcade/casual.:sad:

i was actually going to make a poll like this, but also include MOney Matching in there. Casual, MOney Matching, and Tourney are all different environments.

casual matches for me.during tourney play or against a good opponent i get nervous and start fucking up

in tourneys i dont get nervous but i play gayer since i want to win, so i guess i play better in casuals against good competition. besides casuals mean more fun, how many play top tier characters just in tourneys to win them?

I play better in Casuals because there is nothing to lose. I don’t second guess whether I can do such and such combo in such and such situation when I know I can.

I like casuals cuz it’s cheaper = ). Plus I never enter tourneys…waste of 10 bucks just to get my ass kicked real fast. And that “experience” that people always talk about when they play tournaments…that’s worthless imo. What the hell can you do with it?

My first big tournament (TiT7) I got real tired during the end of the my finals like, and I had tuned everyone out I couldn’t hear anything, but when I started to lose focus I started hearing everything, and begin to lose. It was a great experience though… Oh yea I play better in tournaments then I do in casuals.

I play better in casuals because I’m new on the tournament scene, I’ve only been to two of them. In both cases, I was kind of nervous and I wasn’t able to keep a clear head. I would end up fucking something up and only realize how obvious it was until after my matches.

casual. i don’t play tournaments, so its a pretty easy answer… horse