Casual player with some questions

Hi! Sorry if I’m posting something that is EASILY found, but I did search and couldn’t find much of a consensus.

I am a totally casual player and I was just wondering which games are the most popular. I know that the games that have their own specific forum on here are the ones that are most played, but which game at a big event like EVO per say, draws the biggest crowd?

Also, I was wondering what people play in Japan nowadays too? I went Japan probably like… in '02, and I remember SF3 was pretty popular.

I currently only own a PS2 and a Wii, so the only fighting games I am currently “up to date” with are SSBM, SSBB, and the SF Aniv. set. Definitely looking to increase my library a little, but I am currently such a noob that I don’t even have my own arcade set. Is there a suggested arcade set that is affordable for the casual player that won’t break the bank? Oh and what home consoles are the most loved for staying up to date with fighting games? I’m assuming XB360 is pretty up there (despite PS3 getting games like Tekken)

Thanks a lot.

Guilty Gear AC, Marvel vs. Capcom 2, Melty Blood AC, 3rd Strike, and Mike Tyson’s Punch Out…

Get a ps3, it’s gonna have a lot of fighters pretty soon. (BlazBlue for example)

KOF 98 UM just came out, that will be popular for sure. I duno if it will make it to Evo though. GG is the biggest game in Japan at the moment. (98 might soon replace this imo) SF3 is still hella popular, Marvel is insanely popular in the states. Umm, yea…:tup:

You wanna be a cool kid '93 play some Super Turbo
Arcana Heart is also the way to go.

psst, ST came out in 94

Well, imagine how cool you’d be if you got to play ST a year before everybody else!

Do your self a favour, get a Nintendo 64, Clay Fighter, and 4 controllers.

As far as fighting games go, you are set for life.

Oh snap. Clay Fighter 63 1/3 was my personal fav =3

I was wondering if there was a very affordable (like 50-75 bucks…) arcade stick? Most of the ones you guys use are close to 200 bucks, and I really can’t afford it. Do you guys have suggestions on ones that work for PS2 and maybe PS3/X360/PC if I choose to upgrade? Thanks a lot.

And is there a consensus on how SF4 will run on a computer? I’d love to be able to play that if it’d be just as good as the console versions.

Thanks a lot guys.

I use a Tekken Hori stick, got it for a steal for $60 with the game a while back, you should ebay that maybe.

oh and Capcom vs SNK 2…there is no second thoughts >( Get it for PS2

I agree with Lionx. Get a Tekken 5 stick, they’re decent stock but in the future if you want to mod it it’s easy and you’ll probably be spending like 30-40 dollars in parts.

Post up in the trading section saying you want a $60 stick. You could get a hit!

The parts would be more around $50 shipped.

Popular games? Guilty Gear Accent Core, 3rd Strike, Marvel Vs. Capcom 2, SSF2 Turbo, Tekken.

In the United States, the most popular fighting games are easily Third Strike and Marvel.

2D games maybe. I think Tekken still has more players overall.

Evo always has ThirdStrike, Tekken and Marvel competing for the most entrants.

It was just a random number :stuck_out_tongue:

play KOF and nothing else

Play 3s, easy to get into, lots to learn with each character, game is balanced enough. Not a lot of system mechanics or a metagame to learn either. some familiar faces there, and some are new. Very unique characters as well, and fun to play with other people

GGXXAC, extremely balanced game. Easy to pick up, slowly moves you into the mechanics of the game. Also fun to play with other people. Definitely worth getting a stick to play, but controllers work fine for it too.

Also Real Bout Fatal Fury 2. Simple and a whole lot of fun. If you can find Fatal Fury Battle Archives Volume 2,it is included.

Is there a FAQ about arcade sticks? I really want to buy a “generic” stock arcade stick, and decide if I want to upgrade it later. But I wanted a stick that works for PS2, and a next-gen console if I choose to move on. Would it be easy to make it PS3 or XBOX360 compatible?

I’ve been playing a lot of 3S lately. I’m about at a 4 star level, but still have a little trouble parrying. Gill is just an annoying character to beat so I tend to take multiple times to beat him on any difficulty.

1.get a hori fighting stick ex2/doa stick/one that is pc compatible

  1. start playing on 2df ( 3rd strike has 20-30 players on all day, ST from 5-15 people depending, and other random fighting games have a bunch of devoted fans. fun as hell!