Casual sparing buddy

hey all, gonna be honest here and just say I’m looking for a sparing buddy on third strike. i used to play a lot of alpha three on college, but never at the level a lot of you here play at. ssf4 is a great game but i feel like I’ve missed a big chapter in sf. and frankly even through I’ve played fighters most of my life, i suck and really am a beginner at best. funny thing is, i was really not bad, till i started started coming here. there have been so many things that I’ve learned about the genre , that i just didn’t know, or thought about. and now i’m a rank noob at best. but to sum it up. i’m looking for people who don’t mind kicking my ass and bearing with with me as i learn the game. anyone who is looking for a practice dummy, or a just some ggs. we can even go over the matches on skype if you want. all on ggpo. i can do any night after 9pm eastern time usa. if we can make it a weekly thing that would kick ass. ie every Wednesday at 9pm or something. what ever works. i know there is a ggpo forum. but i thought i’d hit up srk first. this place has done me good in so many ways. i figure it couldn’t hurt to try here.


Lol at GGPO being up. I c wut you did.

I’m down. I think I’m pretty knowledgeable and wouldn’t mind teaching you how to progress faster. If you’re up for me telling you what you’re doing wrong and right all night and are committed you will see progress fast, I promise. Hit me up on aim (itzjordann) or Metric on GGPO.

GGPO is back up but you need to DL the new version.

metric i am so down, i’ll send you a pm asap. can’t wait to get a few games going. i love ggpo but my only issue is after i get trashed/trash them, a few rounds people run. it’ll be nice to get a solid session going win or lose. i just want to better my game. there’s a lot that i’m just only beginning to understand. the help will be well appreciated.

Excellent thank you!

Omg! best thread ever…you guys have so much class.ggpo players can learn alot from this.i’m going to quote my ggpo bro Dyne- “If we better players help train the lesser players there will be better competition on ggpo.” Kudos to all willing sparring buddies and trainers!

the first time I mentioned sparring in 3s on GGPO, people chided me XD. I just really want an online training mode to be in the lab with another great player and talk strats = heaven imo. Love to geek out in training mode :smiley: I can’t be the only one right?

no way hadou but sometimes i think ppl are too busy trying to get wins and try out their skills that they forget the beauty of training and discussing be honest talking strategy is essential to growing in 3s some things are better exchanged by word of mouth and demonstrating.

I like the idea of theory fighter, but it’s useless to play it on a forum. NOW, if you could play theory fighter IN training mode, than that would be fun as hell since you can try all the shit you’re hypothesizing in real time with your theory fighter opponent.

Honestly, I don’t usually try very hard on GGPO unless I know for sure the guy is good. Winning on GGPO is a moot point given the plethora of immaturity that stifles the competitive spirit on there.

ok ggpo guys ima need a trainer too.i main ryu.ive been playin for like 8 ready to activate my 3s chakra and with a little help i think i on everday.i just need that extra push so if anybody would help it will be greatly appreciated.thanks in advance! …i know yall gonna see this and many of u will bypass it but all i need is 1.Im online right now and ready to learn.

Whats going on people and I’ll co-sign the idea of GGPO training or help in SSF3:3rd Strike…I’m just pretty much getting into the game so I got some learning to do. I mean I know moves and such but I need some links and chains into Super Art to add to the repertoire. I just honestly got into GGPO about 2 weeks ago also…I’m kinda digging it…but it seems like everyone is honestly too busy trying to win to help so idk. But yea…I’m down for a lil help too!

props to metric for helping a noob out! i’m still down, but there is one big hurdle, i played with metric for a a bit, and sadly i can only imagine that it wasn’t any fun for him. nothing on metric, it’s just the gap between him and i was crazy, i think i could of gone 20 matches and not take a round. i did through learn alot. i think if we want to do this, we just have to come up with a better way to make it appealing to both the trainer and the trainee. maybe we all find a mentor and then have weekly tourneys to show how far we’ve come? this way it gives the mentor something to aim for? lol idk, but we need something. again metric, gg, really that one session helped out alot.

Well shoot 028 help me out then lol sheesh…i just need to play with someone a lil that knows a few combos/links/chains…I pick up on stuff easy. But you had some good ideas though as far the tourneys for progress and such.

i can do wends @ around 10pm eastern time on ggpo if your up for it, otherwise hit me up with a time and day, and i’ll see what i can do. the key thing i want to work on is my reactions as well as just learning the damn game. lol. my ggpo tag is the same as here “028”