Casual to Competitive


Hey everybody i love fighters and this year i want to go to evo 2013. I want to play Umvc3, Kof, and TTT2 at evo this year if i upload videos of myself playing others would people be willing to critique my gameplay and give me tips on how to improve. Also im a pad player thinking of moving to a stick due to it being more convenient at tournaments. Any tips on how to convert from casual to a competitive player?


Well first you’re gonna want to play A LOT. The only difference between a casual and competitive player is playtime.

Second, if you’re on the verge of going competitive with a pad, there should be no reason for you to switch to a stick, especially since playing on pad is more convenient…at least where you have to bring your own stick. I bet you could get a dual mod pad if need be. Switching to stick could take months to get to the same level as you are now.


Well I definitely play a lot I’ve clocked a lot of time into marvel. I do need to play more kof but with no offline scene and hardly anybody online the motivation to do so is lacking.


Start playing a HELL of a lot, if you want to become competitive. You’re going to want to learn the game inside and out, which requires extensive training and match experience in order to combat a variety of player types and matchups.

Your goal is to win. This means that you can’t really afford to screw around when you play now, you’re going to have to focus your attention on learning how to minimize the number of mistakes you make in a game, as well learning how to improve the aspects of 2d fighting game play that you are weak at.

It’s not necessary to use a stick in order to become a competition player. Plenty of top players play strictly on pad, and they don’t suffer from any inherent handicap because of it.