Casuals at the "dog house" in alameda

hey guys. since there seems to be a lot of players in the east bay who are looking for casuals i thought i’d try hosting a few times and see how it goes. i would like to have about 5-10 people on a weekly basis in the afternoon time. im not sure how that works out for people but please post what times work best and ill try to work around that. also give me a day that works because im free almost every day. i have two tv’s and one xbox so whoever can bring another xbox that would be great.

I’m down to play wednesdays and thursdays. I dunno about Fridays cuz theres a session in Suisun.

Nobody down for this? I’m free most afternoons.

:lol: I wouldn’t mind going but I’m spreading myself too thin with all the stuff I’m doing :shake::sad: