Casuals if you can make it

Reposting Again for the final time and for those who didnt get the memo
Ok its Official, casuals at Swagtator’s Base

Friday starting at 4
12 Terrace Avenue,
East Hartford,CT
Bring your own Controllers
There will be annoncements and a 1$ tourney if people wanna join in
if you have any questions number is 860-985-6684

Note for the people that in the Group Project Ct To Evo this meeting/casuals is MANDATORY meeting if your not doing anything important on Friday and you can make it to East Hartford come here reason being I have annoncements to make and that ppl need to start meeting people of the group to find more about each other in the group plz and thank you hope to see you here

For people taking the bus take the 82,84 or 88 bus to get here search for a place called Long hill once you find it plz call me i will guide you to my house

Food is bring your own idc what you eat