Casuals in/around Corvallis

I’ve been looking for Tekken players around Corvallis for years but have never posted here about it.

If you’re in the area and want to play some DR hit me up! Check my profile for contact info.

Hey Doug,

I’m still here, at least for a few more months… but I haven’t played Tekken since they took away the crappy T4 machine in the MU Basement. Do you have a regular crew for weekly casuals or something?

You done with your masters soon?

I know of no one to play with here, do you? We should play some DR at my place. What’s your schedule like?

Hey Doug, I’ll try to drag those Korean friends of mine to your place sometime for Tekken.

I do know someone in Corvallis who loves Capcom games though :slight_smile:

drag them out to the portland tekken tournament for exposure.

Sounds awesome! I suck at all that is Capcom except alpha 3 haha.