Casuals in Azusa,CA UMVC and SFAE


im new to the area and im attending azusa pacific university this summer and i want to see whats up with the community here. i have intentions of going to super arcade for next level soon so i want to get some practice in with some players. i play dante,frank,sent and in SF i play Sagat. lets get this shit going. i have one tv and a HD projector. and i also have UVMVC and AE for xbox but i also have a Ps3 so if you have games for that we can play on that as well.


Oh i also have SFxT


Where you stay at? Im in azusa and looking for some locals to play with too. =]


im going to APU so im staying at the bowles appartments across from the starbucks on alosta. im free this weekend


510-913-5099 anyone can hit me up if you want to come play some AE or UMVC


/tight i’m a walk away from in-n-out on azusa ave. i dont have a phone up hit me up on fb, i play ps3 though?


do you have a dual modded stick or can you play pad? i have a ps3 here but no games for it and i only have xbox controllers. whats your facebook name. you can add me. im aaron szeto


I guess I can play pad. Do you have a Dualmod? Haha. Im using my facebook for the srk forums.


i dont. cant afford dat haha. but i have two pads if you’re still down. im free this weekend. i cant find you on facebook so you should find me. ^ my name is up there


I dunno which one to add yo, Haha. Check the SRK profile messages on mine. Theres a earl now.


you have some super private settings. i cant add you but mine is facebook,com/abcdomg


aighht mang sorry i forgot about that. I added you.