Casuals in Rancho Cucamonga/Fontana/Upland Area?


I’ve searched the forums and cant find anyone in this area. I was thinking James Games, but on some week night (preferably tuesdays) since i can’t make it on sundays :[

Anyone interested? I play AE2012, SFxT, and 3s. Lets see if we can get something going.


I’m In Fontana.


I’m in Chino, I’m game.


I’m in Rialto


Upland lets play SSF4


So are we going to set something up or what???


Fontana player, always down for casuals and host them at my house sometimes if I’m able to.


I’m in Fontana I’m down to play. What games do you play?


SSF4AE, MvC, MK, P4A, injustice, and GG, let’s play


cool, I play AE and MK. I have a friend who plays injustice too


I also play skullgirls if anyone wants to play that.


Just AE. You?


AE Skullgirls MK9

I’m pretty awful at all of those games though


Haha it’s cool. I’ll let you know if I go to any casuals or if anything comes up at my place.


for sure


I just moved to fontana, where the casuals be at? I wish NetFragz had AE :frowning:


I live 2 seconds from NetFragz lol. I don’t know, no one has really planned anything.


We can start carpooling to WNF it’s a start, and someone that has the space can run some sessions I’m down


Well ive been out if the scene since vanilla first came out. I’ll see if i can host once USF4 comes out. Any one play any old school 3s or MvC2?


So do you guys wanna set something up or what?