Casuals match 3s from chile

we would like to read your comments about them


“The source filter for this file could not be loaded.”

I’m really interested in seeing Kai play, but I can’t get the vids.

Please update?

if you’re using Firefox :

Tools->options->downloads->edit, and change extension *.wmv to save it to hard disk

I think it’s a codec problem. What codec should I use?

Thanks for your help and contribution.

EDIT: I’m using IE. Only lets me save targets as HTML. Anyone else having this problem?

I use xp_codec_pack_1.2.2 and I do not have problem to see the videos.

use firefox

Where can I get that?

use firefox for download to hard disk does not use IE

I’m sure it’s asking a lot, but can anyone host these vids or maybe torrent?

I can’t just download a new internet browser as I wish. Isn’t my PC.

You have to rename it .rar then unzip it and watch the WMV.

lol i guess i’ll be the first to comment on the vid. i found it pretty impressive. seems like chile will be a force to reckon with.


no comments:confused:

in spanish
waja nadie ve los videos …XD esto igual me hizo pensar y darme cuenta que la presion real de la pelea no se ve totalmente en el video … me imagino como sera jugar con japoneses ya que la tension de la pelea ya es fuerte en el video me imagino como sera en la pelea real

english mode…XD

i see mi necro and suck a lot …
i need more practice

I’m uploading the second vid now, will upload the lot once I d/l them.

Edit: That’s if it’ll fucking let me.

Okay, it’s letting me d/l them, it’ll probably be tonight by the time I’ve got them all and uploaded them. Be patient though, a package or two is on its way.

Edit: Infact, we’ll see how things go. It’s only letting me d/l one vid at a time and it’s increadibly slow. If I can manage to download them and get them in wmv format, I’ll zip them up and upload. Otherwise it’s gona be too much fannying on.

Edit: Well, I’ve downloaded one of the vids and all it is is an 18mb php file. I can’t convert it to anything by changing the names, so unless I figure this out the package isn’t coming.

Here’s the second vid he linked to.

for more vids > foro > coliseo de torneos y batallas > “primeros videos viernes 17” thead
i am scrub player called young hou


Demon Dash you are the freshest. Hope you get it figured out. Even if not, thanks a lot for your generosity. I owe ya. :wink:

no comments :sad:

New 3rd Strike matches:

EDIT: Firefox works fine to download the files (Normal Click). We hope your comments.